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  1. It has been reported many times since the beginning. What can potentially solve the problem is relogging with the characters that don't see the drops. You don't have to restart the client, just simply go to the character select screen. Repeat until it's fixed. The spoiler relogging fixed it a few times too.
  2. Yeah, but that happened because of the extra mobs AND the increased capacity of the servers combined. We didn't have any problems until they raised the player count cap. Also, increasing a variable on an action that happens anyway is a lot less CPU heavy then constantly monitoring and controlling hundreds of mobs.
  3. It doesn't have a 100% success rate.
  4. If you're mostly a pve player, then sure. In PVP, having a box WC in your party is a huge handicap.
  5. That's highly unlikely. Most people have dynamic IP addresses nowadays. Now I have a router between the internet endpoint and my PC, so my IP only changes every few days, but up until 2 or so weeks ago, my IP changed every time I turned my PC off, as it was connected directly to the endpoint. I also log in from my parent's place (also different IP every time I restart) every few weeks when I visit and I browse the forums from work. I also logged in to the forums through mobile internet. I log in from 3-4 different places, and my authorized locations page is like 3 or 4 screens long since the 3
  6. I only experience this when I move with WASD while pulling trains and I switch to clicking for some reason. After stopping moving with WASD, for a second or two every action that I do with clicks stops immediately. If I only use mouse it's fine.
  7. It might be according to the lore, don't really know and don't really care as it is an utterly irrelevant detail, but it is inconsitent with the game itself. When you teleport to the "3rd floor" a huge text about arriving on the 1st floor pops in your face, so the translation is indeed bad in one place or another.
  8. Krator on Cruma 1 (the translation is bad at the teleporter NPC and says level 3) with very low chance. maybe 1-2 percent or so. Torfe on Cruma 2 with a bit better chance. Maybe like 5-10 percernt or so. Blood Queen in Dragon Valley. This is supposed to have the best chance by far, but haven't farmed those yet, so can't say tell you anything more accurate than that. Only those 3 mobs drop it in our current patch.
  9. Hime said that it is a bannable offense, and if you get caught they will ban you, but they are not actively looking for people who share their accounts. I think he said that as long as you don't do stuff like multiple people submitting support tickets for the same account for example, you should be fine. She said it a few weeks ago here on the forum, so read her comments if you want to, you should find it relatively easily.
  10. I'd do mages and SE. Not sure about the other support. With BD, you gain +14% m atk and lose 5% casting speed compared to a prophet, but you only get your buffs on 49, 52 and 69. For the long run, a BD is better (especially if you plan on reaching third class with your boxes in later patches and you get Siren and Berserker dances), but it gets effective a lot later than a prophet would. Mages should probably be Spellhowlers for body to mind. Necro would work too, but it's way too expensive to play if you are not hardcore as bleep.
  11. If it worked like that, then solo players and even CPs without an organized clan, would never touch an RB in their life. It just wouldn't worth it to organize it and spend a lot of money on ss if a random party could just walk away with the drop.
  12. Lmao. In 2-3 months the clans that kill the big raids will be all in C grade, some of them in B. There are already B grade items from drops. The top CPs will also have a lot of level advantage over people who just learning how to play this game. If you don't have enough time to get into a hardcore CP, then maybe you can catch up to them in 2 years but you definitely won't in 2 months.
  13. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7246-known-issue-adena-scaling-at-level-40/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-60123
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