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  1. Marhp luck potions, alien nanos, +10 set, luc hat, maphr's shirt, luck dyes basicly everything that gives you luc stats
  2. Well they add drops in Europe servers, so i think this event is just last minute cash grab...
  3. For your rune drop chance in a party will work like this, if u gave 100% rune and the rest of party doesn't 100% chance is split in a number of party members, so if there is 7 party members it will be 100/7=14.28% drop chance increase for the whole party.
  4. Also next update enchants will drop from mobs...
  5. I would say next spring or beginning of summer
  6. PS new mentor system, dragon claws added to blacksmith of mammon, brooch jewel recipes?
  7. Last major updated patch notes from Korea (google translated) Link is here https://lineage2.plaync.com/board/l2awknupdate/view?articleId=157826&viewMode=list&size=20 [Edit] [Awakening Server] August 14 (Wed) update notice 2019.08.14 06:26:22Viewed 12,412 Hello, Lineage 2. Thank you for loving Lineage 2. Here's the update for Wednesday, August 14: [Support for Growth] 1. You can obtain 'Keep vitality rune' when you complete the quests 'Will of Doom, Overcome', 'Wind of Destiny,'. -This is the last quest fo
  8. Hello guys, I've been trying to find where the Leviathan shield recipe and materials drops, but cant find any info about it. Maybe anyone knows anything, or NC just created parts and recipe and not added it to drops at all? thnx in advance
  9. Hi there, This was an p2w event in our servers, currently they are unavailable to buy. After the update we will get May 15th, Mobs above lvl 99 should drop spellbook fragments instead of fortune pockets, so you should be able to farm it in game. Gl.
  10. Hello XDragon, You only need to buy that recipe from auction house and double click to learn it, you can craft it your self on any character, using common craft skill you have. P.S. you can try to get recipe from drops that's Skolex linked you, but it's really low chance to get it. Good luck
  11. Hello, I haven't played doombringer my self, but i suspect it's pretty much same as a all tyrr classes. They are not wanted in mass PVE parties, cuz of lack damage in AOE. to start earning adena i can only suggest you to go oly do all quest and sell codexes you earned every month. Also you can try raising mentees for your self and take codexes for coins. the other benefits f mentee, you can use that char to do quests from Penny in aden for the jewels and grind them, they are currently 80kk per jewel, and fully raised adventure guild gives you i think 6 so crush them and sell the
  12. Hello, If you want to start Playing here, you should know it will take a lot of time to be half decent. Of course money can help to boost it up. Drops in game is very very low and there are not a lot decent quests. If you want a char for PVP and PVE i would suggest you a Feoh, some people suggests Yul, but i personally don't like them . Until lvl 99 i would not suggest you to buy any gear, cuz you can lvl up with paulina S grade gear. After that "fun" will start. up to lvl 101 you still might get some parties, but further people will ask you to shift your gear and if you don't h
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