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  1. SB Forgotten Power

    Hi there, This was an p2w event in our servers, currently they are unavailable to buy. After the update we will get May 15th, Mobs above lvl 99 should drop spellbook fragments instead of fortune pockets, so you should be able to farm it in game. Gl.
  2. New in the game in need of answers ?

    Hello XDragon, You only need to buy that recipe from auction house and double click to learn it, you can craft it your self on any character, using common craft skill you have. P.S. you can try to get recipe from drops that's Skolex linked you, but it's really low chance to get it. Good luck
  3. Return Golden Compass Event

    + For Golden Compass Event
  4. Hello, I haven't played doombringer my self, but i suspect it's pretty much same as a all tyrr classes. They are not wanted in mass PVE parties, cuz of lack damage in AOE. to start earning adena i can only suggest you to go oly do all quest and sell codexes you earned every month. Also you can try raising mentees for your self and take codexes for coins. the other benefits f mentee, you can use that char to do quests from Penny in aden for the jewels and grind them, they are currently 80kk per jewel, and fully raised adventure guild gives you i think 6 so crush them and sell them. These tips would be your starting point to make adena, when you have some of it you can start playing market. e.g. now mystic soul crystal fragment you can buy like 350kk each and after tarrot card event it should go up to like 600kk Don't forget to make a fortuna quest its like 90kk adena for a single quest. (i think you need to do quest change for that, cant remember ^^). Also try to go to CC/Bay, spezion, balok, istina, tauti. sometimes the drop good adena I do not recommend, buying gear lower then R99, because if you have to upgrade its pain to sell lower gear Also try to do as much as possible faction quests, they are not too rewarding, but still something. And when you reach the exalted you will not need to struggle with them BTW don't be too upset when people don't take you to parties, Tyrr is more like solo char these days Good Luck.
  5. Hello, If you want to start Playing here, you should know it will take a lot of time to be half decent. Of course money can help to boost it up. Drops in game is very very low and there are not a lot decent quests. If you want a char for PVP and PVE i would suggest you a Feoh, some people suggests Yul, but i personally don't like them . Until lvl 99 i would not suggest you to buy any gear, cuz you can lvl up with paulina S grade gear. After that "fun" will start. up to lvl 101 you still might get some parties, but further people will ask you to shift your gear and if you don't have it you will be kicked from party. That's how it works these days. As for PVP do not expect much, Because i'm myself a Tank 105lvl and i would say mid geared or maybe a bit over that and still get one shoted from some people. Technically if you are not willing to play market and spend a lot of time gearing up in current state you would need a couple thousand euros to play PVE, as for PVP i would say you need around 10 time more. IF you have semi decent gear to lvl up to 105 will not take long, but after that it realy slows down. As for support classes, Healers and tanks are always on demand, for parties i would strongly recommend Eva's templar as a tank, Paladin also not too bad, but other kinda not worth taking. One more thing, the Promotions (loot boxes) have a very low chance to get a decent item, you need to be very lucky If you want to discuss something or have a question you can pm me in game, Naia server nick El1te. Have fun and good luck.
  6. Libra, how does reawakening work ?

    dyes stays as it is
  7. where I get my first cloak

    Forgot about that one ^^
  8. where I get my first cloak

    Buy from L2store, if not that one go kill zaken/freya/tezza several times, or do exalted quest to lvl 3 or get a clan with castle and become elite member there.
  9. Hotfix Maintenance: Monday, August 20, 2018

    WTB Naia restart, can't complete quests, can't change dual. After client restart can't login...
  10. New XP Table - Question

    Hey, All other servers only got XP amount need lowered, but their lvl stay the same like you said 104 and 78% will stay 104 and 78%. I assume that it will be the same here.
  11. New start

    oh yeah Kamael also have a mage class, i know they should be best for pvp, cuz they have some extra pvp skills, but not sure about pve gameplay. Also if you start to play one feoh and you don't like it, there is a chaos essence in L2 store to to change to another feoh ( you can change to other same class only, ertheas is not included). Well you will probably see what feoh you really like only past lvl 101, cuz all main skills will be there I wouldn't suggest picking Spellsinger and sorcerrer, they are harder for healer to recharge due to their skills. I can not tell you anything about Kamael class, since i never played it. I think you should choose between Storm screamer and Soul taker, But this is your choice So good luck with your choice.
  12. New start

    Storm screamer is dark elf, they should have highest m atk. Wind atk mainly also uses dark atk Spell singer is an elf class, they should have best m crit rate but lower m atk. Water atk mainly also uses holy Sorcerer is a human class that is in between of above two. Fire atk mainly and i think second is earth atk. Soul taker is also human class, its know to more as debuffer and have pets to improve their defences, m atk should be about average of all above. Should be a dark atk mainly, but most of ppl uses Earth atk since a lot of mobs have dark resist.
  13. New start

    every level past 85 you get one ability point, witch you can use to improve your character. You can have a look here: http://www.lineage2.com/en/game/patch-notes/valiance/ability-system/ability-system.php So archer on high lvl takes skill mastery rate on warrior and mage ability tree, it makes them to have almost 100% skill mastery rate, witch resets the skills right after use and thats why they have no reuse on skills and can spam skills as long as they have mp
  14. New start

    If you will have in game questions,you can always pm me in game, Naia server on the same nick as here.
  15. New start

    Currently feohs is on the rampage, cuz everyone wants them for mass pve. summoner is very under rated now, but if you want leave a char on macro for exalted quest i guess it's a good thing for you. Btw you can change your dual class on the red libra evet, so you can try a few classes on dual. but you should pick main class wisely, because syha seer can not be changed even for money. From feohs i would prefer soul taker, cuz it has decent defs with a pet. Archer as main class also not bad, but personaly i dont like them. (on the next update if you have correctly set ability points archers has no reuse on skills ) So pick wisely