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  1. Your first instinct when you do not like the climate of a server is to transfer off of it? What exactly is preventing you from forming an alliance to contest the BR's? I'm sure there are many like minded people on talking island that would rally to this but it might be required that you step out of your comfort zone and exercise a little leadership. Unless you just give up when things get tough in which case I don't think lineage 2 is the right game for you, regardless of the server.
  2. Here's how it shakes out - The forum is not an appropriate place to scream about an unjustified ban. Avenue you take for relief if you are in fact innocent is submit a ticket for GM review they will review and respond. You're not going to get a response back saying exactly what your accounts did to trigger their review however, just think about it for a few moments. Botters and cheaters are constantly trying to recode or find ways to work around anti-cheat - how much easier do you think that process would be if NCsoft replied back to you and said oh you were using XYZ program and w
  3. Can you imagine if the manpower that is used to read, verify, reply and take action for these people who "accidently" over-enchanted their weapons and they broke was simply re-assigned to one GM porting to the common spots within the game daily and banning the hundreds if not thousands of blatant botters? Obviously I cannot know what exact criteria they verify and go through before granting this one time per account respite to players but I assume it would be quite time consuming. With a free to play model you can make unlimited number of accounts with no payment information associated
  4. I'm really struggling to understand the "long term solution" Over two weeks ago your team, based on player feedback and testing, identified an issue with adena scaling post 40 but you chose only to address certain hunting areas. You never gave a reasoning behind this or any further explanation We're TWO WEEKS FROM THIS PATCH, which was 2 weeks away from when the adena scaling was first recognized lets be honest. I cannot understand why there hasn't been some BASE RATE INCREASE... Why in gods name are u testing and scaling specific areas only? You're only forcing more com
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