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  1. when or will we ever be able to do pet quest like the Wolf and Hatchling?
  2. @JibirilShiro @Hime want my refund here's my ticket #22072488 I'm sick of there bull egnoring everyone
  3. didnt respond to my reply on support on refund here ticket #22072488
  4. soon? I want my refund seriously I'm out this game. 2018 and ya still have no clue what's going on, ya shouldve hired Unreal Engine to do the work. well I'm of back to war and elder scrolls online. R.i.P
  5. I'm going to leave this game. I mean seriously Admin are quite about this and I'm sick of this shyt. they will lose rep were not alone!
  6. I'm going back to classic private server and back to wow this game has old client and they have no clue wtf to maintain a server. The better older Ncsoft devs no longer work there these new people cant even read
  7. yeah I'm planning on leaving this game. This game used to be so good R.i.P I miss the old days
  8. I'm sick of this crap! client exits from being qued! waste of my money! I'm literally on the edge of putting lineage2 r.i.p
  9. what the hell is going on with the server! keep getting qued then client crash! it's been few hours and nothing wasted of money
  10. lost for good they did a cleaning
  11. I went to ever town and it seem I can find them anywhere
  12. by the way I like how you guys put all info, stats and etc. on the classic home page hopefully doesn't get removed this will help alot of us out
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