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  1. Medusa Augment - BUG

    You try say don't need fix any bug? just pvp and avoid bugs on game? I don't have side atm but if this not fixed soon will be impossible make any boss on NA servers.
  2. Medusa Augment - BUG

    Some players discovery and now abusing one bug based on augment active skill - Medusa who work on raid boss. That skill work on Raid Boss near 100% chance and prevent attacks from players count for shield breaking or just prevent incoming dmg on boss. When you use that skill you prevent any damage on boss and now i know more than five players on TI who have that skill just for stop enemys boss. @Hime @Juji
  3. Lag again?

    One more night with lag?
  4. Every day server got lag and one player enchant a weapon to +16+, today and tonight this happened too... Every weapon i see over enchanted has created when server got heavy lag... One new enchant bug? @Hime @Juji
  5. Tower Of Isolence Mobs

    Not normal in classic.
  6. Updated Spoil tests IM DONE

    Lineage 2 classic WIKI FROM EU version, dont represent correct drop/spoil % for classic NA or KR
  7. Tower Of Isolence Mobs

    All toi mobs have UD,i never noticed this before... If i don't wrong this not part of Classic @Juji @Hime some names bored on screen just to avoid in-game ally problens
  8. Toi full of mobs, like all Aden maps.. That correct?
  9. Plz make a rule that make only english language usable on global chat because russian players talking a impossible read words w/o know ru or Brs talking about elections all day and spawning 17 or 13 all day just break global chat intention.
  10. Buffs on target

    @Juji @Hime Is possible disable buff view on target player? Is so bad this option, this make so easy avoid pvp if enemy have better buffs than you, for example one archer never will pvp one mage with ressit stun on low lvls.
  11. easy way to fix Queue @Hime
  12. About bots

    Hello @Hime, server is now full off bots on starting villages... any action about this?
  13. Is paladin really that bad?

    You wrong Skelth have one 80 paladin and Grand Kain too.... 80 skill is like one party UD, so bleeping strong