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  1. Well as we’re posting our opinions on the matter, I think I speak for more than one North American on the….North American server, when I say that’d be severely inconvenient considering most people aren’t even off work at that time. As server transfers are still open? I would think that if the EU players reeeeeally wanted to play for the swords event, they would consider switching to naia where the time zone works better for them. Not to mention that if Juji were to see the server activity during swords, I believe he’d agree the only problem is keeping the game from lagging. I think t
  2. asnow163 Aug 26, 2021, 20:51 PDT @Juji @Hime Hello, My name is Stephen. About 14/15 years ago I started playing Lineage 2 with my mother. I was about 5 and I played her healer, my sister played her iss (Bishop at the time). It is one of my earliest memories, playing this with her. Unfortunately life and jobs got in the way and she stopped playing for a few years, though I played on and off for fun the entire time. As of a year or two ago, we started playing again more intensely.
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