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  1. No adena = Server dying

    Well, of course people are crying, i have 3 chars, lvl 28, lvl 26 and lvl 22. Two of them VIP1, and i'm broke as a joke, between them i should have like 600K and that's it, and i play like 4-5 hours a day. Maybe because i am a VIP1 that does not get drops nearly as much as a VIP4? Because i think it's VERY HARD and grindy to get a mid grade D wep just by farming and "playing the market". Can you detail please how you got Gastra and Top D Jewels?, and specify what am i doing wrong? Oh, don't tell me you got a lucky CompoBow Drop and you sold that, and that's how. My 3 chars, Warrior, Cleric and a lvl 22 Scavenger, getting like one "meh" spoil every 50 skill uses, Looking in the L2 Wiki which mob drops what. I'm always looking to buy low and sell high on the market, i join parties, AOE and Pole ones to maximize SS use, i buy consumables in Giran, cuz it's cheaper, and i'm not wasting money in crap, just whats strictly essential. I think i'm doing it all. Hey, shed some light on me, please cuz i don't know what "Lots of things" i'm doing wrong.
  2. Hey guys. Hope the grinding is going well. I'm trying to study the market, reading a lot, googling, and i need various recommendations or knowledge on things that i don't know. (Haven't played L2 in almost 8-9 years, so i'm rusted as hell) - Lately, i've seen people selling NG Soulshots the same price as the store, may i ask, from where they got them? As far as i know, you can't craft them, the ones you get from quest or attendance coins cannot be traded or sold. So... Am i missing something? There's no logic in buying SS from the trader and reselling them at the same price. Care to fill me in on that? - I have a lvl 21 Spoiler alt, i've read in the forums that a good way of making adena is spoiling at Ruins of despair for steel and selling it, any other places to spoil good? And c'mon don't be selfish on those locations, you know that only like 15% of the server use the forums. You can Pm me if you want to keep it a secret. - Also, on leveling from 21-27 i'm doing Abandoned Camp, like almost everybody, you know of another good place? i've tried several, but not the same results, mobs are harder, and don't give the same amount of Xp as those Ol Mahun Commanders. I usually dualbox a Warrior and Cleric, but i'm open for Party/AOE grinding too. I know that i'm asking for stuff that separates the average joes from the good L2 players. And not everybody likes to share that info, i'm using every resource at my disposal to get better. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm a noob and Can't decide.

    People tells me that to be WL i need a mana recharger, more precisely a SE... Thoughts on Gladiator? I remember it to be very expensive, i dunno if it's better choice than WL. One thing is clear to me... i should cease to play 3 Chars, right? It's going to be a pain after lvl 30 i think. And i'm only VIP1.
  4. Okay dudes and dudesses i haven't played since C3, and i don't actually know whats good and whats not. I have a: lvl 22 Human Warrior (Planning to be Warlord, but i don't know if its a good choice, and Gladi is awesome, but the weapons are expensive) Lvl 24 Cleric (Planning to be a Bishop, i like healing and supporting, and bishop rulezzz, but i've seen a lot of Healers in the game already, people going for SE, EE and Bishop... maybe i should make a Prophet, everybody likes those buffs.) Lvl 21 Dwarf Scavenger (I need money... like, a lot, besides i've never played a Dwarf before, it's kinda cool.) So... What would you recommend? I don't know if my idea of Warlord+Bishop DualBoxing is good... You guys agree? Right now i'm as broke as a joke, dunno if you guys have any tips for me.
  5. Besides, there are people saying that they've seen toons with TOP D GRADE. Nah... just, nah... can't be, not by farming,questing,fishing. Must be from buying adena from those adena selling bots in Gludio or spending a money in the store, don't know. I don't know if i'm doing something wrong, or there's a secret way of making money i don't know of... I know for sure i'm a noob, cuz i haven't played L2 since C4. Maybe i'm "outdated" But being TOP D grade everything with Questing and Farming? That's bs... Don't get me started on C grade.
  6. WHAT?! Dude, i've been playing the last 4 days for almost 7-8 hours... On Aden server. Two toons lvl 21 and i don't have 60K between the two of them. And i don't buy potions, or SS just farming the 3400a quest and the 1000SS one in the starting village. Now my main is lvl 21 and i need a Blunt weapon and can only buy the cheapest NG one in Gludio. And i'm still wearing training boots and gloves, the cheapest shield in Talking island store. If i go to Ruins of agony, okay, they drop me 40 adena. every 4 mobs... some mobs don't even drop me adena. killed like 3 skelletons in a row, not a single coin. That's harsh. Cmon...
  7. Que paso bichito, estoy pendiente para agregarte. en Aden: Kaitos y Vincen