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  1. Top NG (200k) after drop update is nothing > then few hours AT MAX to lvl new toon on same acc and there you go another free rod after 10 days delete toon and repeat
  2. 30 mins and "Client will be closed"
  3. M.Atk of WEAPON is the most important factor buffs are irrelevant as they give you like 1% more heal at max that goes for healers so no idea about tanks
  4. Could work as well. One way or another there are way too many people fishing bleep it !
  5. @Juji @Hime Go around giran and giran harbor, there are hundrets of people there... both Giran & TI have way too many ppl fishing and taking up slots. I have no idea how stupid you guys are, to keep it without level limit on server that is at maximum capacity whole the time... Make fishing available for players with MINIMUM level 30 or higher and INCREASE IT TO 40 as time goes by.
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