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  1. Infinite Cursed Bone Bag

    If Summon Cursed Bones was put into classic like it is on live, we would not be spending ~1kadena per mob (2 shot) MATH: (360a x 2) + (200a x 2) = 1120adena per mob...
  2. Mage CP recruiting Bishop 52+ (48+ considered). Playtimes 6pm-12AM EST (GMT -5). Our playtimes vary. Please speak English and must use voice comms (TS/Discord) and use discord for messaging. Mail Zestos in game
  3. Sorcerer vs necro

    git gud
  4. They nerfed poles and bows because healers were destroying people with root and bow + Mana burn as well as root and spear (out of melee reach). Also bows and light armor on a summoner was ridiculous damage...
  5. It should help a bit considering 10-day fishing poles should start disappearing now too
  6. LF Bishop Lvl 28+ CP on Talking Island LF playtimes ranging from 6pm-12am EST PVP clan
  7. Talking Island CP recruiting

    UPDATED: Archer CP recruiting live prophet. Must laugh at my jokes. Ok, not really, but must speak English and use Teamspeak/discord. Playtimes: 6pm-12am GMT -5 / EST (times vary)
  8. Active CP looking for lvl 25+ BD, SWS, Tank, DDs(ideally AOE), Second healer(ee/bishop), prophet Playtimes range from 6PM to 12AM EST (GMT-5) M-F with occasional heavier playtimes during free days Current setup, Spoiler w/ Pole, OL, Archer, Healer **we have boxes: Nuker, Nuker, SE, EE **MUST speak English/use comms (TS & Discord) Inbox me here or in-game on Zestos
  9. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    ALSO: If everyone is just repeating quests to get adena to buy an item from the SHOP....that adena is gone forever from the economy..... We need people to buy from other players so that the economy grows and we can actually wear real armor and weapons.
  10. No fists

    yes. I am crying on the inside as well
  11. Is destroyer good for pvp?

    Do you like ranged and really fast nuking? Or do you like close range and high damage? Both are totally different playstyle. Play what you want...
  12. Tyrant vs Destroyer

    Do you want to have insane fast attack speed? Be able to be a meat shield/pve MA class?--Tyrant (be aware it can use a LOT of ss) Do you want to hit slower but do damage like a truck?----Destroyer
  13. Yo shar. You doing classic?