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  1. Yeah, this is brutal Yay for scrolls at least... It would be good to know the probabilities at least, that way we can be proportionately disappointed.
  2. In my opinion, the issues arisve from how NCSoft markets/presents L2 Aden vs what L2 really is as a whole. It's an MMO with PvPvE, yes, but it's also "Do all content by yourself! Have a great solo experience!" There's also contrast between the set-it-and-forget-it auto play and active play. The players who aren't as active EXPECT to be able to auto-hunt while afk, and active players don't see why those players should expect to stay alive while away from the computer. Two different cultures exist in the game, which is the true Aden/Essence experiment, as I see it. The problem comes from the
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