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  1. Does the rune stacks with the other 50% off the coin shop??
  2. Can a GM please answer this question. I have a couple buddies from third world country who obviously cannot afford to spend RL currency. They would like to give me adena in exchange for a VIP status, I am considering purchasing a code from Amazon to exchange for adena but I need to know if it violates the rule of conducts. Thank you
  3. The crying over a pay to win event where literraly all you get are soulshots and some mediocre buff that last an hour, seems absurd to me . There is not even PvP implemented in the meta, I like to buy ncoins, but I refuse to spend a dime on bait to fish "tuna".
  4. The good news is that angel Cat will be in town all week handling angel cat blessing, everything will be all right fellas.
  5. If you opened the box you can't share it no longer lol. Your best bet is to open a ticket and attempt to get the item restore back to its original package. You need a good story too, good luck.
  6. This is kind of funny, He thought ( hey Attuba mace 4+ sells for 1-2kk more, lets me go ahead and buy a EWD for 250k and make that money LOL!
  7. Wth are are you guys talking about?? Players are afraid to PvP because of lost of exp??? If anything delevling is necessary. If you are level 35 to 50, you get 10kk exp from doing 2 quest that literraly take no time. You can die 5 to 10 times a day, pop your scrolls and you are back where you were before. From 50 to 60 you can still get 7kk per day, 1 death = 1 to 2 scrolls. Stop spreading false information. If anything is the pk system that needs revision, the amount of karma you get from serving justice to a troll players is unjustified.
  8. Lineage 2 is not for everyone. They were going to quit anyways regardless of adena adjustments. Just do a little research and you will find out what it is in the boxes. You are expecting a huge guide with all this information?? L2 has always been about mystery and luck, that is what the forums are for as well, use it wisely.:D
  9. Most of the replies were coming from the server trolls who wanted an easy game. Now that they are gone, the forums look more healthy.
  10. You quit more than a month ago. Today you are yet creeping the forums. Sounds like a personal Vendeta. If you don't like a game , you quit and move on. Yet you are still here .... hypocrite!!
  11. You guys need to implement some sorta of immunity to players who are out of combat or not attacking or performing an action. I get captcha on my toon who was simply following me while I was completing his AI quest. Also there needs to be serious consequences for players who are abusing this feature. If a player reports another for simply being on autofollow , that players needs to be dealt with!!
  12. Then dont use ilegal programs. You have 20 minutes to reply to a captcha. You are trying to say you don't alt tab to your accounts at least once every 20 minutes ?? Suspicious.....
  13. If players would actually level how l2 classic originally intended, that is no XP scroll, then they would have enough SP to purchase all their talents. Problem is everyone in the forum complaining are a bunch of lazy pansies who log 1 hour every day to do their dailies and expect adena and SP to magically appear. If you actually grind to your level without using xp scrolls, you wouldn't have an issue with adena or SP, because you would be actually grinding it out. Nobody likes to grind now days, they spend more time in the forums bixxxxg and whining. Good luck
  14. It's 3 clients per PC, not IP. Do not be surprised if you see 1 human player running 3+ clients. If you have 3 Pcs you can run 9 clients, and is not against the Rule of conducts.
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