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  1. One more time

    Thank you Sir, I will test that
  2. One more time

    A little question towards warlock, is it possible to use auto battle feature with both summon attacking and healing him? I put /summonattack as macro in auto battle but dont know how to join it with summon heal.
  3. One more time

    Hello, I would like to take a fresh start with boxes (pp, bd, sws) and auto fight feature. Im thinking about two mains: Hawkeye and Warlock. Made fast warlock to check auto fight feature on lvl 20. It seems that if i activate it and put /summonattack on macro, only summon will attack the mobs. But with this i would need to make also shilen elder for vampiric.But warlock seems pretty cheap unless i buy beast soulshots. On the other way, hawkeye dont need other boxes than pp, wc, sws. And auto fight also seems pretty easy (i left him with boxes on back in sea of spores, everything looked alright). But good bow and shots costs a lot, especially after item drop rate changes with latest patch. Could you share your thoughts who would you take if you would decide to start from the begining? Hawkeye + pp + sws + bd Warlock + pp + sws + bd + se
  4. [ADEN] LF EU clan

    Hello, Im looking for clan with mostly EU ppl which are playing in GMT+1 timezone
  5. Archer for soloing

    Hello, Im going to roll a new main with this update. Already have two boxes, pp and sws, which archer could be the strongest in pve auto attack? Regards, Elcardia