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  1. We asked for 'classic' in the sense of returning it to what it was in earlier chronicles. We most certainly did not get that and worse yet we got less. We got less adena per mob, drop rates that are at best 87% of original even with VIP4 (Key phrase 'at best'). A spellbook system that is asinine. No SAs for weapons. And like 80% less quests that would have supplemented our income. Even the quests we did get have severely reduced rewards.
  2. I am ok with 'challenging' and I even encourage it. ~BUT~, some things are a virtual impossibility. Like spell books for example. I was at sea of spores since I was able to kill there (~38) till the mobs turned light blue with no sign of the book or any of 'equal value' to even trade for. I then continued my hunt for a week in forest of mirrors where it also drops to no avail. I did end up buying it but it's not one of the more expensive books either. Prophets are in serious trouble especially if they play it as main class. 2 of their books are in the 8-12M mark and they are generally a
  3. Worst hit on performance is going to be the 'realistic water' setting. Can affect performance even if there is no visible water on the screen. Especially when you look certain directions. I believe you have to expand the advanced options section to see it.
  4. I'm farming my next book I need before I outlevel it too in SoS lol
  5. Spent several hours a day every day for a week for a total of 7 levels farming SoS and never seen the book I was trying to farm. I've pretty much out leveled the mobs in question. And I started when they were yellow.
  6. I'm alright with this if they mean that much above the current rates. Which would be 37.5-62.5% of the original drop rates from 2004. Then add vip level on top. Eg. VIP 4 = 56.25-93.75% of the original.
  7. I'd say "a day late and a dollar short" but it's more like "a week late and 300 ncoin short". Considering mages had to use spiritshots to get last hit on mobs or they'd still be casting and that the congestion died down considerably except DE spider quest area (since it's the only effective way of making adena).
  8. I did do testing on 2 accounts with low level mobs. That way drop rates are pretty high and 50% should be noticeable. One was VIP 4 and the other was VIP 0. Granted my sample size wasn't large, 100 mobs on each. But the VIP 0 actually got 2 more full drops than the VIP 4. Mats were pretty much the same and adena was a wee bit higher on VIP 4 account. This would actually all be within margin of error if VIP 4 didn't give increased drop rate (if both were the same). Now one could argue that it's still RNG and it's still possible even if VIP 4 is working. But I think if you want people to
  9. I dunno... there is this creepy guy looking in my window
  10. Grinding hard in the Tower of Twitter. Hopefully I can move to the Blazing Logins soon.
  11. How's the grind going for everyone?
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