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  1. Doubts on Critical Damage Reduction

    From what I understand the critical damage reduction, according to what you tested, does not reduce the critical damage of the Skills, only the autoattack (normal damage), except for the Dagger skills that suffer from the critical damage reducers? Does "Guardians Death Shield" not reduce critical skill damage? A high-cost Abilitie, which in the description does not tell you which type of critic is reduced?
  2. Best iss 101+ after salvation

    POM Stack Chant of Bison?
  3. My doubt In description say "2h-Weapon / Two Handade" Player say: "Not work"
  4. I will advance to the author of the post, the total sum of 87% mathematically speaking, however you are saying that the actual reduction in the game, is lower "60.59%", I understood the affirmative, I just do not understand why the actual reduction be lower ? Does not he add the reductions? Calculate each one separately (Stacking the calculation)? or ...
  5. True, the physical and magic defense, has to come soon in sequence so that the reduction becomes more effective.
  6. But his set was not Dark (-20% damage) and from what I saw, his ISS had nothing that would reduce PvP damage. The rule is simple "Reduction PvP Damage> P / M defense> = Max HP". The reduction of PvP damage is something so brutal, that the damage received is abruptly reduced in relation to the "P / M" defense, without reduction pvp I take extreme damage, high, with reduction the biggest damage I took in pvp until today has not arrived in the 100 thousand. He already posted "I think" the gear of his char, and is similar to mine, which makes him have a pvp reduction of 40 ~ 50%. The bad of the PvP build that redirects itself to PvE makes it much easier to level up, the bad one that does not invest in the two, is VERY expensive. "Mysterious Slaughter Dye" Was this item sold in the L2 Store or am I mistaken? Is it in Dyes' extra slot?
  7. I will talk about myself, normal damage almost do not bother me, but the critical damage for example a Dagger gives me 25k critical damage now. a mage of apocalypse +18 (1k of Matk in the weapon) can give me 33k of critical damage. So having 1.5k of HP + 5% M / P.def would not give me more susten than taking -25 fixed damage (elemental attribute)? Since attributes SAY to be fixed and not in percentage? The comparison is not "1.5K + 5% P or M def" against "-25 Elementary Def. + 50 Elemental Damage", this is the real comparison. This is the real question. Remembering that the Archangel has already spoken that it is also ISS, so to survive it is vital, be it Oly, Siege, PvE.
  8. ISS Doomcryer Tips?

    Having "Set pvp + 0" + Reduction PvP items, which can reduce some 70 ~ 80% of player damage, plus the P / M def and, high HP the ISS resists either. Due to the ISS damage and resistance vary, for example, the Doomcryer Freenzing flame + Topaz, ISS DE has many more defenses, etc. Rules Ring + Tauti = Nrmal Damage Based and Earth Wyrm Ring (EWR) + Tauti = Skill damage based? But rules have passive skills "3-second Paralysis when single P. Atk. Skill is used" excellent effect. Cast time and reuse of the attack skill, it seems that it drops a lot in 105, but I do not know how much that affects a posi positively.
  9. In this case against mages the "beleth ring", would it be in Baium's place? https://l2wiki.com/Beleth's_Ring I understand, in case Maximize P.Def will guarantee me a quieter PvE, in places like AF, Crossroads, ... where the monsters beat a lot. - Currently in Oly and CoC, MDef would be more interesting to achieve a better balance between P.Def and M.Def? I was told some time ago that most classes hit with physical damage, so statistically the P.Def is more advantageous. Truth?
  10. Guardian shield lv3 (+ 7% P.def)? Would not it be better for G. Magic Barrier lv3 (+ 7% Mdef)? Well, mages beat a lot in the coliseum, and does Mdef seem to be so hard to climb compared to P.def? I even use the Talisman Lilith (Because he of M.Def) in the place of P.Def. "CON + p def accessory", refers to "Hair Accessory"? type an EyePath? (+ 3Con X% Pdef)? or does it refer to agument of boss jewels? Note: I was told that the Exalted or Replica Tiara is better than + 3CON + 5% Def P or M. Precisely by the Defensive attributes. The impression I have is that P.Def is vital to ISS (Up to M.Def or Defensive Attributes) I am very grateful for the help, tips and advice.
  11. My gear. Set Paulinas Leather Armor of 30 day (26 Days now ^^) I think of changing my weapon to 1h-Tauti + Sigil. Would be good? (for Hierophant and Doocryer (I and my husband have exactly the same gear, he's Doomcryer and I Hierophant)) 56.3k HP / 7.9 MP / 20k CP 7.1k P. Def / 6.3 M. Def 15.4 P. Atk / 6.1 M. Atk 500 P. Critical Rate 1500 Atk. Speed If you want you can answer me by PM (Private Message), no problem, since my question was more punctual to the characters of mine and my husband.
  12. Got it! If you can help me with another question on this topic, I will be very grateful. It's about the "Abilities Points" (AP) in both cases for ISS, with Heavy and Light? For the Heavy I distribute as in the image below. Note: "G. Guidance" I do not know if it's good, my Revelation skills are level 2 (I do not know how much it helps me in Oly and PvP), I did not know where else. I also thought about physical defense or magic defense, not G. Guidance and G. Resist. I do not know what Revelations skills would be best used in Level 2 (Use Disparition and Undy Will) Next comes the AP for light armor, if you use 15% max hp (G. Life) and G. Leather Defense, go for shield and neither Hierophant nor Doomcryer has any bonuses for shield. If you spend points on G. Armor Defense, to have the 15% Max HP (I'll have spent 2 precise points, and I do not know if it would be worth it) Its dyes apparently the best case and "15CON and 15CHA" to maximize the HP, Defenses P / M.
  13. I have not seen all the videos, I will finish watching, but from what I see in your playlist, you use set light in all the fights in Oly.
  14. You use light here. Dual Sword > 1h-Sword + Sigil/Shield?
  15. What's your tank? And as you said, you use "Heavy pvp Attack type" in PvE but not in PvP with your ISS. Uses two armor, which is financially unfeasible. This is a problem I do not know how to solve in relation to my dual class. Do you miss the 35% reduction in critical physical damage against Tyr / Archer and Dagger? (Only heavy armor of this, passively to the ISS)