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  1. If NCsoft just took a couple minutes to think AT ALL about how the stuff in the L2 store affects game balance........ it's not rocket science.
  2. PK SCROLLS..... Nice money grab NCfail. What's next? CP and MP pots? Buying gear out of the store? Straight up buying a whole max level character? Don't make it so obvious that you don't give 2 shits about your players. Remove the L2 store and finally get ONE thing right. You have the potential to run a very long and successful MMO with dedicated players. Do not eff it up with petty money grabs that f*** everything up. - Thanks signed - everyone
  3. The botting, RMT services, and scripting isn't what killed the game. The updates and shitty patches killed the game.
  4. Areas are only lightening up because people are moving to new areas to level, you are absolutely wrong. The servers are packed and doing great.
  5. I never botted. Also, yea I don't own a base model. It's a GT Premium PP. Quit trying to throw insults and try to understand where I'm coming from. I am one of the original L2 players in Gustin - played for years. You HAVE to realize that spending over 75$ a month to "be competitive is ridiculous. All P2w does is cause imbalance. It's been proven by MANY failed games.
  6. It's not that I don't have answers... You're just not listening. I'm wasting my time with quoting you over and over. I'm waiting for some other folks to read your silliness.
  7. sigh.... go pay some money and play your "L2 Classic"
  8. I mean really think about what you're saying... What was the point of this classic server?? We could all just play in the normal live server with no soul shots and buffs for the same experience. Having the store and all these missions and xp scrolls completely obliterate any nostalgia. Nostalgia isnt even the main point. Playing a good game is the point and this Pay to win model is trash and always has been.
  9. Dude, that's the point. THIS ISN'T NOSTALGIA. Chill out and actually use your brain. You are literally not making ANY sense.
  10. I'm the opposite. I'm not the guys paying real money to get an advantage over others. The store all originated from whiny bitches crying they couldn't compete.
  11. You're blind buddy. Answer me this... why are you in the forum looking at my thread vs playing the game?
  12. That's cool and all, but you'll never compete in anything within the server. Say no to castle sieges, raids, anything. Count yourself out.
  13. I have plenty of gaming experience from many different genres. There is a reason WoW is still the strongest and best MMO out there after all this time. It never stopped requiring $15 a month and it was never pay to win... go figure. BLIZZARD HAS A DEV TEAM THAT MAKES GOOD DECISIONS INSTEAD OF LISTENING TO CAREBEARS.
  14. I am 30 years old. I own a home. I own a 2016 Mustang GT. I work atleast 40 hours a week. I am also an avid gamer in my free time, but nice try.
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