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  1. Well it happened to me... BLOCKED FOR NO REASON

    I'm not really sure if I got a debuff or not, things are hectic playing 3 damn characters. I have two screens so I can see two my clients, but one is always behind the other so it's possible the captcha thing came up and I didn't see it or something. I honestly have no idea what the hell happened. THis is beyond messed up though as I imagine it's going to take days to fix this if it can even be fixed. I'm basically done if it doesn't get unlocked though.. I'll just cut my losses and leave. I have a chronicle pack on this account as well, so my 50% xp rune is being wasted. Sigh. I realize you guys have no reason to believe me here, but I've played legit since launch, and my main and my other box are fine... Only one of my accounts got locked yet all three were playing together always. Sigh...
  2. One of my three accounts has been blocked, for literally no reason that I can think of. This is insanely ridiculous. I've been 3boxing playing completely legit and playing 3 clients legit is a pain in the ass. I've shelled out over $200 already... Sigh... I'm not account sharing, I'm not cheating, I'm just playing the damn game and paying out the ass and now this. Sigh... So friggen ridiculous NC @Juji @Hime
  3. Bots video

    How could I possibly explain that? I don't have a hidden camera watching your every move, nor do I really care what you get up to. I'm merely pointing out that what you're claiming is ridiculous and contrary to every single ban I've ever seen doled out to someone I knew.
  4. Bots video

    Banned for nothing? It's unfortunate there's no way for you to prove that to the rest of us. I find these posts a little frustrating. There's an obvious reason why someone who was cheating and got caught would come to the forums claiming they did nothing wrong... How are the rest of us supposed to know what to believe? Are we to believe that NC is literally banning people for no reason whatsoever? It seems much more likely that you got caught cheating and are here doing whatever you can to get the ban reversed. I played L2 for a long time, and every single person I ever knew who got banned, deserved it. Never once did anyone I knew personally get banned "for no reason".

    I'm more inclined to believe you guys were cheating and got caught than I am to believe that NC is randomly banning people for multiboxing. Most people in prison claim they're innocent, and they're obviously not. They simply maintain their innocence because they hope someone will believe them and help them get out of prison somehow. Same with people who get banned for cheating. They run to the forums and cry, saying whatever they think is most likely to reverse the ban, but none of it is true. It's just the pleadings of cheaters who got caught.
  6. Dual boxing - Hotkeynet tool

    Probably because there's about 1million other people asking questions on the forums? Just take a look around... Maybe you should open a support ticket? Getting a response from juji or hime on the forums isn't very likely but a GM will eventually respond to your ticket.
  7. L2C – Every Issue We Face with Solutions

    Ryan - true ellies I played with you for many years, and we weren't the best of friends, but I support pretty much all of what is being said here. As much as I don't particularly like you, I wish there was someone like you working @ NCSoft. I feel like the devs are a bit out of touch and should really be consulting with hardcore players like yourself and others to make this game the best it can be. Some comments: The state of the customer service in this game is appalling. Fully agree with you here. It's almost like they anticipated a perfectly smooth launch with no problems and are completely unprepared for this clusterbleep of problems. Cheaters absolutely need to be banned and they need to be banned quickly and consistently. Full agreement here as well. A situation where the odd person is banned for botting, while the majority bot with impunity (which was the case on Lionna for a very long time), results in a situation where many people will risk botting on their main (because the chance of being banned is relatively low). This is not a good system to have in place. It fosters an environment where people are compelled to cheat to keep up with the other cheaters, but if you get a bit of bad luck and get hit by the banstick, you're basically quitting the game while the rest of the botters still get to play. If botters are dealt with properly, then no one will bother botting because it won't be worth the hassle. Likewise for the Russians cheating their way onto an American server. These people need to be banned and they need to be banned quickly and consistently so that everyone knows the score when it comes to cheating - DON'T CHEAT! Long story short - if NC allows cheating, it only encourages more cheating. I think my main disagreement with your post here is when it comes to the paying customers being prioritized over the freeloaders when it comes to logging in. The people supporting this game financially should absolutely be prioritized over the freeloaders. I feel like this is just common sense... VIP1/2 is not expensive at all. If people want to play L2 so badly, and they want to spend countless hours grinding, well, they can spend a few hours grinding @ mcdonalds or some other minimum wage job and send a few of those $$$ over to NC and there will be no more queue problems. I have little sympathy for people trying to play a game for free, that myself and others are paying for, when this results in me potentially being unable to play. I don't think this is shady at all on NC's part, and is really par for the course for F2P games. Think of the f2p part of this as a demo. You play the demo for free, you get to level 20 or so before the f2p handicaps really start to hurt, and then you either want to continue or you don't. If you like the game and want to keep playing, then you need to shell out a few dollars. This is totally reasonable IMO. No mention of the adena/spoil rates though... What are your thoughts on that? Adena seems really low @ VIP4 and doesn't seem to line up with the Prima guide.

    It's funny how nearly every single person complaining about boxes and queues, seems to be a Brazilian trying to get paying customers kicked off the server so he play the game for free. Do you guys seriously think this is going to happen? While Lineage 2 is technically a free game, it's not a coincidence that VIP costs exactly $50 (what L2 used to cost) and maintaining VIP4 status costs almost exactly $15/month (what an L2 subscription used to cost). This is by design. They will let you test the game out for free, but if you want to be a factor you will have to pay the old classic price, which is $50 for an account and $15/month after that. Figure it out buddy, it's not really a free game if you want to play it properly. This has been obvious since day 1. Your choices are to pay up, or screw off. You're whining about not being able to play something you didn't pay for, and you're trying to get the paying customers kicked so this can happen. How about you do the decent thing, and cough up some money like all the other people who are playing on the server with no queue issues? NC is not going to kick the boxes of their paying customers, who are paying for their boxes, for the sake of a bunch of freeloaders.
  9. The support ticket system is truly ridiculous. Some form of live support is needed, at the very least, until the launch issues are cleared up. Waiting 12+ hours for a simple response is ridiculous and when you finally get a response, it's going to be another 12+ hours until your response to that is registered and replied to, etc... It's an absolutely ridiculous system. Their website is pretty messed up as well. Have you tried deleting all your cookies? I had some cookie issues with the L2 site..
  10. Prestige Pack Subscription

    wow is this for real? oh well, pretty funny whether troll or serious. they say when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is... that prestige pack, lol...
  11. Only 1 Dual Box pls!

    Not gonna happen. NC specifically said 3 boxes are allowed and marketed the game accordingly. Many people rolled 3 toons. It's far too late to change this. I haven't seen a single queue btw and I play 3 characters. Strange...
  12. What they need to do is pretty obvious. F2p = current rates VIP1-3 = somewhere between current and classic, proportional to VIP level VIP4 = true classic rates What we want here, is for a lot of people to support the game by paying ~$15/month per account, just like it was in the old days, where every player supported the game by paying $15/month per account. What we don't want, is for a small handful of people to support the game by paying $1k+/month and having an enormous advantage over everyone else. No one wants to play a game like this unless they're one of the people who wants to shell out $1k+/month to win. Adjusting the rates in the obvious way I (and others) suggest should result in the former, provided the shop doesn't start offering anything better than the 2nd class buff scrolls and 40% xp/sp scrolls.
  13. Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

    1. This kind of status update is extremely important to a lot of players. A lot of us just want to know what is going on and a simple post like this will prevent hundreds of doomsday threads from polluting the forums. Radio silence is really annoying. Thanks for doing this, it's huge. 2. The adena issue is also huge. No one is asking for private server rates, we just want the true classic rates for PAYING CUSTOMERS. Personally, I think the current rate is fine for the freeloaders, but the rates for paying customers should be scaled up based on VIP tier, with VIP4 being the true classic rate from prelude/C1. I love the way it costs $50 to reach VIP4 (what an L2 account used to cost) and almost exactly $15/month to maintain VIP4 status. This is a really great system. You can hook players in without a huge $50 barrier to entry and a monthly subscription, and once people know they like the game, they can make the choice to shell out some money or play with a handicap. As things stand though, there's just not enough adena in the game for the economy to function. It's like being in a recession. No one can afford to buy anything, so no one else can make money selling things. It's an absolute disaster. We need adena in the economy so people can buy the things we find, and in turn, we can buy things from other people (or from NPC's if that's what it comes to). Free quest armor and other gibsmedats from the mission system are an extremely poor substitute for a properly functioning economy. Back in real classic, there was no need for any of this nonsense, because there were all kinds of opportunities for players to make adena by playing the economy. By 24, I had a mid d-grade weapon and a manticore set in prelude. The freebies were simply not necessary because the economy was healthy and robust. The economy was half the game in real classic L2. Players would spend as much time wandering through Giran, hunting for good deals, as they did hunting monsters. It was actually possible to flip things for a profit, because there were a bunch of people who had adena and wanted to get something without having to wait around for the best deal possible, so when you stumbled on a good deal, you could snatch it up and re-sell later. There were all kinds of opportunities like this when there is adena flowing in the economy and these opportunities simply don't exist right now.
  14. Bought Ncoin. Not showing up.

    When I first got coins on launch they showed up instantly. Great. When I restocked after blowing them all on bsps it took several hours for the coins to be added. This is very silly. Customers with a good track record should be given the benefit of any doubts and coins should be added immediately. After the point at which I've sent $180 in 6 separate purchases, I think I should be cleared for a $10 purchase without having to wait around for hours. It's 2018 guys. Get with the program! This kind of thing would never fly in most businesses. tldr; your coins are most likely on their way...
  15. any answer about exp lost in dead?

    lol not true. I died at level 24 and lost 10%.