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  1. I agree. They make me think that their competition far east are way better at handling this game than they are and that's telling a lot. I never thought I'd see a worse company handling this game.
  2. If you NCSoft think that you have earned my money, than by all means take it and be happy about it. I hope you can sleep good at night. Your greed amazes me.
  3. Wow ....it really killed my mood to continue playing. You're really insane NCSoft if you think I'll go through those nerfed rates. You were sneaky and created the hype thinking I'd get into classic with the same rates as other classic servers like EU and RU versions have. There I was, paying for 3 launch packs and for VIP 4 on 3 characters. Well you know the saying: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. You ain't seeing my money anymore NCsoft unless you step up your game and stop trying to deceive us.
  4. The feedback given by high level players regarding adena / drops / spoils really make me wonder why would I continue playing on NA servers? The player needs to be motivated to continue playing and that motivation comes from having a sense of progression in game. As it is now, there is literally zero sense of progressions if mobs level 20-40 drop the same amount of adena as mobs level 40+. NC West should really just cut the crap and give us EU/RU version rates while rewarding VIP players with even more increased rates. The way it is handled now it is very, very poor and disappointing. If EU wou
  5. NA Classic has the same skills as Skelth. Do your homework better. This is advertised as 1.5, but it's actually the exact same version Skelth has with the only difference being some locked up zones and level cap. And the drop / exp / adena / spoil rates nerfed to hell and back, that too.
  6. I've checked the exp and adena drop with level 4 monster named Wolf. You guys are giving us only 75% of the exp and less adena than it is intended for l2 classic. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Wolf The monster should give 176 exp and a minimum of 8 adena. Over on your servers it gives 132 exp and I've got 7 adena from it which is lower than the minmum amount it should give.
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