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  2. Gladiator

    Good in pvp if he has mana trough which he eats quickly. If he doesn't participate in olympiad or castle sieges not much use out of being good in pvp.
  3. Thinking in a Paladin

    If he was so "fun" to play you would see people playing him. As for skill I don't see any good tools in his skill set so that you could tell good paladin from bad unless it's something that can be applied to any class. If they actually tweaked his current skills or added new ones he could be fun. Like why not make holy strike work on any target add a bit range and dmg then you have at least one ranged skill.
  4. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    "I am not saying that the developers are 100% right on every move they do. But you are 100% wrong to cry every Wednesday for the new updates. So with no hard feelings and no offence if you are so convinced that you are right please leave the game and go make a game of your own. I am sure you are going to earn million of $$$ and the community of your game will be so happy with you and your game and through your games forume there will be love and flowers blooming." These last years games have gotten worse. Mmorpg genre is close to being a desert. Too many creators aim to make you pay trough some predatory tactic. How are people 100% wrong? You don't even give any argument why they are wrong. Why so many people like to tell to leave if they don't like something. You realize server already lost good chunk of players. Is idea of playing this game with 200 people so appealing? I believe if they listened to people that say it's fine while house is on fire the server would be already half empty. While I don't need beast shots you realize the game wasn't balanced around this economy. Paying 60 adena for one is insane and price should have been tweaked to fit this server economy. It's not 1998 either and you should look at the calendar already. I wouldn't mind teleports being expensive if I could spend some time and do some work to get a strider for travels but there doesn't exist one. This game already requires a lot of time and on top of that I need to run between places for 5 hours?
  5. DA - life scavenge

    Unless something changed in this version I don't remember it restoring that much. At level one maybe it will restore 50hp and with levels it barely increases. From what I remember it is useless and drain hp should be used instead.
  6. Stupid event or stupid random?

    If simple sentence brings you so much joy than well be my guest to "enjoy" this one too Of course I would advise to find something more interesting to do as it looks like a sad existence. Some people are new but most of them are already are long time players. If this game didn't have issues there wouldn't be "people crying" as you describe it. Some make poor threads but a lot of them actually make legit ones and have arguments why it is an issue. If you don't agree with them instead of being a donkey try to explain it to them. Maybe this way you will get some real enjoyment of helping people.
  7. Stupid event or stupid random?

    So instead of playing the game and enjoying it you lurk around forums enjoying posts?
  8. For all those who don't like the 40+ Drops

    First thing I would say if it fits you doesn't mean it fits for all people. What is even point of this? Most people won't play PR or even have a strong enough gear... It sounds like you want point it out that you are better than most. If I need character like spoiler for good gear than it's fine but if I need a spoiler for teleport fees than this issues explains itself. People complain about high 40lvl+ areas and what did they fix? Lair of Antharas and how many players have enough power or lvl to farm that place? On top of it you realize that this teleport event was made because high lvl drops are bad? If you enjoy this then go and enjoy it instead of trying to defend this game. This game has serious issues and that is why a lot of people complain about it. If those complaints would be false then they wouldn't try to fix them and there wouldn't be so many threads about it. Now the game launched over a month ago and I still can't play it 90% of time. No new similar server to Giran or no free server transfer. What would you suggest doing buying VIP when I have to log in into the game to activate it and even then there is a huge line?
  9. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Space is limited because they don't add another eu server like Giran and don't give free transfers to other servers. If you advertise game as F2P then you should provide access to the game for everyone equally. If you put VIP accounts above others when they log in than honestly just make it again playable with sub like before. It's not like a million players are playing this... The way currently this game is being handled doesn't really inspire me to buy VIP.
  10. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Yeah but those are bots which are a problem in general and they will make as much accounts as they need event or no event. Players on the other hand won't waste time with this sitting and waiting for buff to expire unlike last event where they get loot every 20min. By solving the problem with bots they should hit two birds at once because the rest will get a place to log in but it's NcSoft we are talking about so no hopes
  11. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Unlike the champion mobs before in this event there is no reason to afk for this event. You get a buff with little dps increase and 10% exp/sp. After one hour it expires and level increases then you get 1h buff again just with 20% exp/sp. After that it expires again and it increases to 30% exp/sp with 2 hours duration. Only after that lvl3 buff expires you get a box which opened gives rewards. I opened 3 and received just xp scroll and some consumable I think. Nothing really worth that much time or money. The only useful part of this event is xp buff for leveling. If you afk for this event then you are just wasting time. The problem is bots that spam in towns and bots that farm. I can only log in on weekends while it's dark in the morning. I was busy cooking and connected in over hour later than normally and 600 line... Last week I farmed certain spot I only saw few spoilers and yesterday now instead of few spoilers I saw 8+ elf pony mages running on the field. All of them are obvious bots farming without shots. Reporting is useless so I just brought some aggro mobs to them and stunned them to win few hours of peace. Another problem is low cap if that cap would increase from current 6500k to 7500k people could log in without problems or at least minimal waiting time. People then would log off as they would know they could log in next time they play.
  12. how good is warlock at pve and mass pvp ?

    Like it was said many times before it's best solo pve class that doesn't require gear as you have pet and buffs for it. Every summoners 1st class nuke skill levels beyond 40lvl+ so now you have a skill to hit with from range. One on one it's good as you hard to kill with transfer pain and both you and your pet deal dmg. In mass pvp I would say you are useless. You have no cc except anchor cubic and you don't deal enough dmg from range to be a threat.
  13. Paladin or DA?

    Yeah he is one tough nut to crack that hit's like a wet noodle. Unless you really enjoy that theme of Holy Knight paladin isn't something anyone would recommend to another player.
  14. Small boosts are fine but I would say 50% drop is stupid. Without VIP I feel that some greasy hands have touched drop rates for f2p players. Shots to D-grade I guess are fine. Some useful consumables are fine too. If people couldn't abuse mounts then they could add that. Like there are things they could add without making anyone a bit nervous. Still NcSoft is another company that doesn't understand that best way to get into someones pocket is to be nice instead they milk money for that golden hour until people abandon the ship. Like why is it so hard to understand that a happy player is a spending player.
  15. Please add BSSC/SSC to ncshop

    Doesn't sound good then because that means end of l2 and the why ncsoft handles L2 classic version that end will come sooner than that calendar has predicted...