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  1. Oks entonces yo construiré el obispo + SE, Intentar esto y poner aquí Muy agradecido
  2. I have a question. which box is better for bishop. I want to have a box so I can go alone when I'm not at the party. I have a future SE but I do not know if I choose summoner or SE>, < my main will be bishop ...
  3. so an overlord could be accepted as an aoe wizard party? I would like to play alone with my box (SE) but I would also like to play in a party from time to time. I am also undecided>, <. I like the overlord because it has aoe skills, mage buff (acumen, berserke), to that you add the SE's abilities and I think you could go alone and in future patches it could be good for the party, right?
  4. I have a question. Right now I want to play with an orc wizard (future ol) but I do not know if it's a good idea. my idea is to upload it with a box and now I have an elf oracle lvl 23. Is it a good box to be able to level only when it is not in a party? What do you advise me? thanks for your time.
  5. omg I have this week free for me holidays jiji . It is coincidence for me
  6. PP + DA is great but although i am crazy, I like be support and me main class will be EE. I want know who class is good for me main EE solo ( when I dont have party invitation )
  7. ¡Muchas gracias Eduens , intento EE + DA en el servidor clásico! pero soy de la UE ... Estoy esperando para abrir el servidor (18:00 pm en España T, T) ¡Esto es una pesadilla! xDD). (yes, I think that , me main is EE + DA can go solo)
  8. What do you think of the DA, is good too alone?
  9. I also have doubts about the best selling class in my EE (main). On the one hand it was thought of a tank but which of them ... I think that DA and the SK are good to go alone together with an EE / SE or PP. ( sorry for me English ).
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