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  1. These items are pay to win Boss Jewels. Have you all even consider what this going to do. You already lost tons of people due to the massive amount of bots and lack of community organization, even worse customer support. Im not sure what to even say anymore. At every point in this server you have failed the community.
  2. I get that your trying to show him there are other options but many people are still stuck on the book grinds and level 40 solo zones because of said grinds. So yes there are other options and thats great but to be clear. Level 20-35 mobs Shouldn't not drop more adena then level 40-50 mobs. Adena has always scaled forward (all theoretical and not exact drops) so if a level 10 mob drops 100a then a level 20 should drop 200a , at 30 300a and at 40 400a. But at current the numbers looks more like lvl 10 50-75a lvl 20 100-150a level 30-35 150 - 300a, level 40 100-200 etch lvl 50 100-225. When m
  3. yea right. they wont even fix what we have. we might get this in 2 years
  4. Im not even sure what you are trying to say here.
  5. @Hime @Juji Are you all done responding to your player base now. Two weeks since this topic has been posted and there are 19 page of responses (probably closer to 40 but you censored people) and your dead silent. Is this how NCSoft treats and views there clientele ? Temporary fixes, poor community outreach, and dreadful player support with copy and paste responses. No true substantial fixes. At this point you have to have to have seen a drop in monetary gain. There is and obvious drop in player base. Do you actually plan to fix your game or go on being dead silent about it? How is it that a
  6. Just some more proof that you all knew this was an issue and your now deciding to completely ignore it. Thanks you for destroying a great game for the 2nd time. At this rate id be surprised if people play your new titles based on pure fear of them just being a cash crab and scam. I'll probably never spend a dime with your company again. @Juji @Hime
  7. Its pointless trying to give NCsoft Feedback. They have shown there stance. You as a player either have to leave or deal with it. I personally am choosing to not spend anymore of my money with them. I will also be trying to recover my money since they provided a faulty product. @Juji @Hime I actually feel sorry for you. You've made a whole generation of Lineage 2 Gamers dislike you. Juji I honestly feel like you're afraid to stand up for your player base and that makes you a noneffective producer. You will keep a few hundred players im sure but your team put out and inferior product and this l
  8. I have a feeling whoever is running things in NCwest never sacks up and lets Korea know what needs to be done.They probably take their lashings and says yes sir may i have another.
  9. The issues have been stated for over a month now. Pushing them aside to add new stuff to NCoin store shows a lack of respect and clarity for your player base. We all want to play this game but at current you are bastardizing the client so much that its not functional. Trying to splice several patches together and not realizing they dont work with one another. Nerfing rates so people will spend absorbent amounts of money in the cash shop, selling vip to balance rates even though they still dont balance the rates because you dont have the full vip system in the rates were built around. Its just
  10. Yes. By commenting negatively on every persons post and being a forum troll. Yes. Which is what the Vip system is intended for. Steady incremental pay. with other beneficial objects in the ncoin store. Until a week ago the server ques where so long that if you wanted a reasonable play time you had to at least pay for VIP 1, I pay for VIP4 at the point the game is no longer free to play Its pay to play. It cost 15 dollars a month to maintain + the 50 dollars initially to get it. The xp rates are fine no complaints. But yes when a level 20 mob drops the same adena as a level 40 m
  11. This is information that should have been disclosed from beginning of the server. Saying that this is how free to play servers are intended two (plus) months into the server shows the lack of clarity and honesty that has become all to familiar with NCSoft. When you announce a server "Retail Classic Experience" you set an expectation that it will be similar to what players have experienced in the past. At this point you all should clearly define what the rates truly are. The client at this point is hybrid of several versions of the classic client and has made it truly a nightmare to get a feel
  12. So todays patch effectively did nothing? Awesome.
  13. The white knight comes galloping in to defend a company taking advantage of its player base!
  14. took so long is the wrong word. Taking two weeks to address adena/drops/spoils is what the current eta is pushing for. Thats extremely long timeline. English to Korean and vice versa being this issue being the root cause seems well lack luster. When a large majority of the Korean companies demand English as a 2nd language and they have been doing this back and fourth for 15 + years. I just cant/wont make excuses for them when its something they could/should have worked out ages ago.
  15. Not as abstract as you might think. Ive played pretty much every title there is. It only seems to be the korean market that has this type of lag time between user complaints and fixes. It would be vastly different if this hadn't been released correctly in 4-5 other markets. Rates specifically are based on a modifier algorithm and if you ever seen the developer side of the server you would know this. Its a 10-15 minute fix at best with a few hour test window. Should be a relatively simple fix.
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