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  1. If you buy launch pack no queue
  2. 22014735 support ticket. I'm concerned I opened the rune to use on the TI toon does that mean my Aden toon cant get the pack now. I'm ok with the aden toon being deleted, but of course I opened the pack the first day on TI no one knew there will be a PST server. Thank you for help.
  3. I found with this part of the quest take a break and coming back to it helps sometimes. Actually the epic quest is probably the best quest in l2 imo
  4. I realize I can't join a pvp clan, but any clans that would take a 100 sum/98 iss with shitty r95 gear. Or should I continue the l2 free life. (Not gonna lie would love to do some pvping again if anyone has any new game recommendations)
  5. I'm not sure about the long term success of Classic, but I am positive people would come back to play it. GoD wasn't horrible, but it isn't old l2. Not saying classic is old l2 because it's a lot different, but it has a lot of elements that GoD doesn't have. I miss the old days for sure, and I know can't bring them back but I'd play classic.
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