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  1. we spent 3 days spoiling for ssd recipe. dont cry about a varnish lol. but really... this is terrible. its not even playable anymore. waste of time. ps: we dont have any ssd recipe.
  2. We are currently 40ish people playing together, all hit lvl 20 and start to wonder "what´s next?". The only intresting/profittable quest is from the dark elven village to get 3k adena, so you have 40 people plus other players fighting for the same monster (plus the ones that came for other quest such as the dark elf quest line that has to kill the same monsters TREE TIMES)... it gives you 3200 adena, that is the same or more adena you spend by using soulshots, potions and/or a scroll of escape to turn back and deliver the quest.... Ok, maybe we should try a raid boss at least it will dr
  3. BladeDancer main lf spot. mostly play from afternoon to late night. Also have 3 friends, all of us main buffers looking foward for constant raid party and leveling with clan members not necesarly CP. ENG/SPA
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