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  1. only 1 account, almost level 31, almost with top d weapon, only 300k in bigdrops playing the economy game is fun
  2. For the people complaining about 'free to play'. Take a marketing class, marketing is the future.
  3. @SmileyCyrus you are 100% right SS are not made for using all the time L2 is a game where all classes are dependent to others, but some can be more independent at cost that they are less needed in parties. getting gear is hard, there is a reason why some mobs lv 27 start to give D grade items, and not in lv 20 finally someone has a brain but exp/adena/drops balance is weird, and a lot of mobs are just bugged,
  4. i was feeling i was getting a bit more adena last night
  5. and fix the login, so we can do the step 1.. play
  6. at least double exp for this week.. AT LEAST
  7. no, you should not use ss on 100% of your attacks, then whats the point of having them in the game if it become a standard? ppl used to use shots on pvp or key moments
  8. rates are weird, because we started with XP quests, free GK, armor, weapon, and shots. but suddenly you cross lv20 and comeback to reality, it feels very strange and unbalanced. The true is that crafting low levels gear is real now, that doesnt happen anymore, and that is how is suppose to work. eventually all server will get top NG gear and prices will go down, right now is expensive, but with 1 good drop you capital will go to the roof. i havent get any weapon drop yet, so im poor. but i can level alone. the other thing is people are wasting their money on SS with autoattack,
  9. dont autouse ss if you want to make 100% of your attacks with sshots, and win money... thats not classic.
  10. while leveling if mobs moves behind to a wall or a object your skill will be canceled, but if you move behind a wall or object the npc will still finish the casting. also bad animation, they show that they attack you asap they start casting a skill
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