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  1. Actually yea if someone PKs you it's better that they drop something than have it deleted. If it is about people wanting NODROP items deleted why not make it so it chooses a random item in inventory --- If it is NODROP, than it deletes it, if it is DROPPABLE than it drops on the floor. No very hard to do that, and sounds like a great compromise. Gives us hardcore PvPers something to hope for in this game. Us players who actually DO have experiences of looting great items from stupid PKers, and not just looking forward to ONLY slow grinds for an item gain. Get with it dude. If you aren't
  2. Might be helpful for more people to actually know about it than to get pissed when they can no longer get a refund. More people should speak up about it than to just stay silent and put in a petition
  3. Who cares?? If he escapes he escapes, and works off his karma. Why are you THAT afraid of losing gear to other players that you would rather have it destroyed? Blows my mind
  4. Guarantee the majority of players ASSUME normal PK drop system will be implemented and will have NO idea about the change until after they get on and find out for themselves. Now they will have massive hordes of players getting REALLY upset, demanding refunds and really causing issues for this server. How about they change it back to how it is meant to be and forget this ever happened. Best move
  5. If some1 goes red, and they are killed, their items can and SHOULD drop on the ground for anyone to pick up. That is the risk of going Red. Better to have your item picked up by someone and try to buy it back, then have it destroyed. By the way... How am i supposed to pick up their item if I'm dead?? Lol If they PK me, and i run back from town to kill them and they drop stuff, that is how it is supposed to be
  6. Bumbo, Think again. Do you know that they are removing PK drops?? Instead if you have enough karma an item will be DESTROYED
  7. How about they realize it's a bad idea instead. Yes, this change would make me quit and want a refund. Same with many others. If the change will not stand, then your advice isn't helping 1 bit.
  8. If there is no PK drop system, many friends and I will get a refund for anything bought and remember this as the biggest blunder in L2 history. Who could have possibly thought this was a good idea?
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