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  1. @Hime Why wouldn't you guys just look at adding a number of fun cosmetics to the shop instead of destroying your 'Classic' rates based on a VIP system? Cosmetics are by far the highest grossing revenue stream for any F2P on the market. Making 50% SP/XP runes $50 is pretty extreme for a 'monthly' fee to stay competitive. This is a hardcore community you guys have here, and I realize you tried to market this server to that demographic. Adding an RNG afk event which push your servers to the brink and added 12 hour queues to the non VIP players, RNG dungeon reward and disturbingly low rates
  2. Thank you very much for saying the opposite in game. Please find a safe place to log out and don't use gatekeepers or player actions.... oh just kidding. It's log in servers only
  3. nope, they think $50 a month is more reasonable. Ridiculous
  4. Allow me to slow clap this absolute blunder of a pricing scheme you've got. You expect people to pay $50 a month in order to stay competitive, while playing 3 accounts for some? I understand its a choice to play multiple accounts, but a number of people are. You would maintain a massively healthier population if you fairly priced these 'expected purchases' so casuals and hardcore player alike could play fairly. We would all buy multiple runes for multiple months if the pricing was even $15-$25 a month per account. You are greedy beyond any other game on the market and released a 'classic'
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