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  1. Half the time sit on stairs in giran and try to find that 1 or 2 guys who just joined the server, the other half is endless pvp and 'just let me try this new thing I came up with on you pls' Sieges are fine, we had the admin spawn some 500 or so guards (right on top of us), when we tried to take Dion, and then the server crashed and we did Antharas, near Giran's gate
  2. But you can't just call thoes FPS, it doesn't really fit into description, it's a different breed and we were talking about this whole server vs bots/cheaters wars Anyway, https://xkcd.com/386/ I kinda got carried away. I'll go back to lvl-ing my mage now
  3. Lol don't 'server dies' me. :)) One thing I learned in my lifetime from playing mmorpgs and other online games, is there are always a bunch of 'server die', 'game ded' etc. people, even from launch day. And every time, the games are doing just fine Truthfully, the way L2 is designed, it's really hard to kill a server. I've seen p.rivate servers surviving with just 30 active people, still playable. My first ever server had ~300 maybe 400 at peak hours, and we did just fine. This game is highly resilient, there's always something to do. Did a bot party just take over your farming spot? Fire up l2wiki look what other mobs around your range drop something nice => move. But, given the example, I didn't notice tf2 or cs:go ever dying because of 'rampant cheating' (the way people used to call it). Those games are just slowly aging away, most kids moved to the new shinyi thing, so nobody's left to complain
  4. In other words, look at valve and their tf2 and cs:go, that's anti-bot done right. You don't hire a GM to pick and choose who to ban. You unleash ban waves. And if memory serves right, we'd go for months, like 6 or 9 months, for VAC waves to hit. And how old is this server, 1 month?
  5. If that's true, then NC Soft/West is absolutely right in their decisions. As in, do nothing, gather a big list of said 'top guy''s customers, mitigate at a later date to punish as many 'unwelcome' people as possible
  6. Just throw a markov chain at it. I bet it will shit itself P.S. You meant to say AI. And yeah, I know, "machine learning" is THE 2018 thing. Trust me, it's just a fad. Not even half of the people promoting it have any idea how to do it. All they know is to use the "hot new library of the month" and shove it into Amazon since no sane person has that many servers just lying around doing nothing...
  7. You can't. You need to understand that anything you see, as a human, with your eyes... the bot can see too + probably a lot more things which aren't normally displayed in clients. It only depends on how far the botter is willing to go, or how much effort he's willing to put. If a botter thinks he can make a profit, well, I think neither us nor NC will be able to tell if he's botting or not. If you can spot a botter, you know the clues, and the likes => that's just a script kiddie who bought some $15 botting software from somewhere. Or a bored hobbyist programmer who didn't have too much time to spare These aren't really disrupting anything, and nobody really cares about them.
  8. What you're suggesting is basically the first ever 'anti-bot system' that illegal servers implemented to mitigate bots (hidden mobs / objects). Botters learned how to bypass that in ~2005 Next idea?
  9. Same. There was a moment when you'd see people crying on forums, saying that they reported somebody for botting, but instead NCsoft banned their accounts and let the botters play So I went ahead, mostly out of curiosity, and reported a guy I thought was botting. I actually got a really nice written reply, which doesn't even look like a copy-paste, stating that they'll investigate it. Based on my observation (the time I submitted the ticked, and the time I got a reply), I concluded an actual hired human looked at it. So, since I'm not 'randomly' banned, like people like to pretend here, I guess I proved the propaganda wrong :))
  10. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    Besides even in older days, consumables were always a luxury! Most people complaining here were probably carried by some well organized clan run by some older, smarter guys. So they never really felt how hard the game is actually. Just look at them complaining that they can't afford top D or top C equipment. I could probably count on one hand how many times I saw people running around with Light Crossbows or the likes. We used to dream about Reinforced Longbows and Tarbars. And look at this server, there are actually top D and even some top C parts floating around. This is excluding the event weapons, people still manage to craft top equipment. Life is much easier here Besides I kinda agree with the 1-40 boost, people get faster towards C grade, where the game starts to be more fun and challenging. Where the game requires at least some degree of planning ahead to survive. (And no, running in circles AoE-ing whatever =/= planning)
  11. STCN (Stop the crying now)

    Looks like you need to learn some English as well. Besides this is not open beta, it's not P2P, and it's not 2004/5, it's not C3/4 either. In other words, it's a new game. The sooner you'll understand our knowledge doesn't apply 100% here, the better you'll sleep at night
  12. Why do you keep playing here?

    1 - Just like in real life. Imagine you're car mechanic, you enjoy fixing cars, so you get a job at some shop with a normal salary and start fixing people's cars. Your friend also says (lies) that he enjoys fixing cars so he gets drunk and does some parties with a bunch of dodgy guys, the next week he's the owner of some kind of 'pimp my ride' aftermarket shop. He's "THE" hot thing in town now and he pimps cars... So, let me ask you, what normal people do in this situation? They keep going to work as if nothing happened, that's just how life works 2 - It has always been like that regarding adena sellers, you'd be naive if you didn't believe it. illegal servers are just straightforward about it, hey pay to us, so adena sellers don't bother. 2.b - I doubt the online count is meddled with, ncwest only licenses the game servers from Korea. And the Korean NC is apparently some kind of public shareholder owned company, so they must use classic metrics like online count and the likes across all regions, not just NA, to determine success. It would be too risky to mess with that, you'd be breaking some contract clause I guess. 3 - There are big differences!!! Most important: there will be no wipes! Hooray! I'd expect a illegal server to go down after 6-12 months, no matter how popular. This one here will stay. illegal servers have always been P2W, again you'd be naive if you didn't see that. Just look for the 'danate' button on their websites. 4 - ...? We're being treating here just like in real life. I wanted to leave, now I'm back, same as in RL. The bank also laughs in your face when you're late paying for that credit. Your boss also laughs in your face while the money arrives in his bank accounts and he pays you back only pennies The beauty of life, all hail capitalism :))
  13. About bow .slow or very slow

    Maybe the difference is small and is hard to notice for an untrained eye. Press T, check attack speed.
  14. Short answer: YES. Take my anecdotal experience, on server launch I started on Giran, played heavily for 1-2 weeks, because I'm actually really into this whole hardcore thing like it was in the beginning. Then admins decide to "fix" adena and drop rates for 1-30?40. So in the end my 2 weeks of hard work == nothing now, you could get all that in 6-8 hours on the new rates. That was disappointment no.1 Now I continue to play casually. Afk shops multiply, people figured you can reach 20 in a breeze => fishing takes off, afk events start. Now I can't get realiably into my server anymore. They open new server. I move to Aden, start all from zero. That was disappointment no.2 Now Aden was full of es?pt speaking people who barely know the game, at that time, I suck it up, make my chars and start playing. Market is kinda broken because of the fcked up adena rates (remember they "fixed" the adena) but didn't really touch drops and spoil, so they bleeped up the market. That was disappointment no.3 Now important observation: 1 week later Aden is filled with mostly English speaking people. This means, I'm not the only one who moved, there's a shitload more players who moved from TI/Giran to Aden/Gludio. Also the Halloween even is now in full force, people now log alts after they heard you can farm top D weps. (I thought it was a myth at first). But then I actually started noticing how people run around me in top D gear. Now the market is completely bleeped. It took me 4 days to find 5 elven bow shafts for less than 40k. 2 people were selling them for 40k, one guy for 60k, and that's it, nobody else besides them was selling, and I'm guessing nobody was buying either. Don't you think in a 2-3 week old server this is kinda weird? That was disappointment no.4 In 1 month of playing on the official I managed to talk to 1 real human, that's it. I bought from him 2 shafts, I buffed him like 3 times since we were farming close by. And then we talked like 3-4 times more next 2-3 days, then we kinda drifted apart. My every other attempt at chatting with other people was met with complete silence! I honestly started to think I'm somehow shadow-banned and people don't even see me... that was a really weird experience. That was disappointment no.5 Conclusion: the servers are/feel dead to me even with 1000 people + 1000 boxes + 1000 shops + 2000-3000 bots/afkers. 3 days ago I wake up, get my coffee & cigarettes, stretch a little since my back muscles are slightly sore from sitting for so long still in front of the PC.. And then I remember what I managed to realize the day before, I spent a day where I farmed like 200 i.ore + 250 Varnish, some 50-100k adena, made a quest for shitty looking armor, and a bunch of other insignificant shit I could sell for peanuts, one by one, for a total of maybe 30-60k. Then I thought I have to setup those shops first, then go make something to eat, maybe watch some movie or read something. I finish my coffee and start the client. Laptop fans start heavily spinning, head starts to hurt. Wtf am I doing this? This was the moment I decided to uninstall the client. Next time nostalgia hits me for some reason, I'll simply download the free l2j server of my choosing (I think they maintain a decent Interlude fork, haven't checked in a while), look around how to configure it to run ~500-1000MB RAM total (it defaults at ~2GB if I'm not mistaken), but I'll be the only one playing so I don't need it to keep that RAM busy. Torrent the old client, check if everything runs smooth. Then move all the spoil stuff with just 1 sql query to the drop table and lower it's rate by 2x or 3x. Then look how I can add the dwarven crafting skill to all classes, should be possible. Then look for some plugin for the server or make one myself for some AiO buffer item in inventory so I can buff myself with lvl approproiate buffs... Then enjoy playing a class of my choosing. I'm 100% I'll have a better experience this way than playing on the official That's why I left. I don't enjoy it here, I can find better stuff to do with my time.
  15. I'm playing from Moldova for almost 2 years, first on live, now on classic. If I do I traceroute from my end, I see my connection jumping through 18-22 nodes. I only get disconnected when my windows strarts to page. Other than that, I usually keep 2 boxes open anywhere between 10-30 hours