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  1. Buff level bug?

    ah that makes sense, looked at the levels on l2wiki after posting and 25% is level 2 focus, level 5 would be like 40% or so
  2. Buff level bug?

    How is this guy running around with level 70 prophet buffs? Or is there a 3rd class change scroll or something that I am missing here?
  3. How many Client Is legal to open?

    Correct, the true answer is 3 logged in accounts per box/ip however you can have like a "lan party" setup and have your own party
  4. Client will close now

    yea took 3-4 times to create char and for it to recognize char there on the server
  5. its just time zones for castle raiding, both location are in texas but think TI is gmt-4 and giran is gmt+1
  6. Client will close now

    It does if you try to multi box without being on the server for 30+ minutes with original char currently with the server queue in effect
  7. SwS

    any active buffer is better than a box lol
  8. didn't say was a bad thing, it'll let them test the increase spawns, etc, easily
  9. Yup cant log into chronos either, they are all down. Bet it magically comes up right as east coast gets home from work and prime time starts for NA