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  1. whose ready for some dark elf thigh high nylons
  2. I REPEAT.. DONT GET SCAMMED BY ANY BRAZILIANS OR SPANISH SPEAKERS... be extra weary of ones that travel in groups together
  3. no one is better than anyone...were just different geesh this guy
  4. hey wassup ?? russian??you guys gunna be here?
  5. yo lets get a party for elven ruins then to Cruma ... Talking island server right??? I'm here to win...Kill time bro
  6. Does anyone remember that paraplegic Crafter dwarf on Teon, that had a castle once lol someone like featured his real life in an article once
  7. Im going try get the name Fire on Giran at launch
  8. ya me and my real life friend are both playing together... should I go Warsmith, or maybe Ghost Hunter.
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