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  1. 20 minutes ago, Veth said:

    I was actualy considering this quest the other day, but I don't know how much adena does it really offers, how muc EXP will I get. With spiders i'ts quite OK, becouse each spider drops abot 90 Adena and I get 3,2K adena at the end. Like this I was able to farm 125k adena ( about 80K in one day ) but the problem is EXP % it's really low . I don't know what else to do, to lvl me up, mybe are there some mobs with good drops? EXP/adena? 


  2. So... I tryed searchin l2wiki and pmfun bu I don't find a quest fo gaining EXP and/or Adena? Now I'm doing the "spiders nest- venom sacks" quest- repetable, i'ts OK but i gain only 0,09% of EXP on each spider. I think that now that I'm lvl 22 i need to move forward on next quest. I found a nic one on PMfun near an windmill, but there is no NPC and the map is a little different so I think it's not dor classic... 

    What can I do? 

  3. 14 hours ago, BobGratton said:

    Instead of fixing second most priority thing like bots, can't u guys just fix queue? I mean how hard is it? You guys gonna lose a lot of players. How did u guys also allow the game to be launched with all those MAJOR problem in the first place. Huge lack of competence right there.

    true story

  4. stil closing client problem !

    Please fix it. After yestrdays update I am still UNABLE to login. If you will coninue doing update like this, you will loose eaven more players and money. This sh*** didn't happen once on WOW or LOL ...


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