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  1. insulting people

    First of all, the russian community is excluded from being able to play on this server, which means they are playing here using vpn or other means of illegal access, in any case, neither these server nor the forums are a place for politics, and I have numerous times noted that a lot of players - a significant part of the community here (including a large amount of players from the russian community) are playing in the server for no other means rather than to make real life currency by employing third party software and later on selling obtained in-game adena for real money. I am kindly reminding everyone, that I am not assuming that this case applies particularly to the russian community, but data speaks for itself when it displays a significant amount of it being true. There is also a long history of arrogance and hate emiting in not only L2 but other game communities as well specifically from this community, if the administrators would collect data of their recent bans of bots and adena-sellers I can guarantee that majority of the playerbase commiting these offenses are the very same ones that they are not allowing to play in this server. As Lithuania has a problematic history with Russia due to past conflicts, it is a hard thing for lithuanians to "let go" of the inherent defensive behavior towards russians, which makes sense why response was targeted specifically towards the nationality. In conclusion, I believe that the initiator of this conflict should have disciplinary action taken against them due to igniting the conflict, which could had been resolved by non-offensive means.
  2. the big gm silance

    My guess is that they don't have a proper solution to this yet, hence they don't provide an update because that would naturally frustrate players even more. When they have something solid, they'll certainly let us now. A bigger question I have is whether anyone else is still experiencing the "client will be closed" message after leaving their character afk for an extended amount of time.

    Honestly, In terms of business, if you managed to obtain a license for even an european server, say in UK or Germany for example, you would absolutely wipe the floor with the competition, given that Innova which is the Russian company running l2 eu classic servers are completely corrupt and useless when it comes to supporting, you guys might not be efficient when it comes to solving issues, but I know for a fact that if you expanded, there would be no competition due to everyone being sick and tired of russian botting/corrupt administration team/poor hierarchy of players