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  1. VIP bonus exp

    This makes me wonder: Does the bonus drop chance not work either? We have no way of testing that.
  2. VIP bonus exp

    So VIP bonus XP isnt working right? I have 2 characters in my party one is VIP 1 and the other VIP 4 but they're both getting the same exp even though it's supposed to be higher on VIP4? They both have the same other buffs so it doesn't make any sense. Exp bonus for VIP 4 isn't working.
  3. Keep in mind that anyone that has VIP 4 right now doesn't just automatically lose VIP status, they go down a tier but they'll still have VIP for months.
  4. 500++ QUEUE FOR VIP 4 ???

    Remember when people on here told everyone bitching about the queue just to pay 5 dollars to become VIP 1 so they wouldn't have the huge queue? Welp, they did and now VIP queue is increasing more every day. Problem solved, right?
  5. That's incredible. Amazing how some random person can do this in their free time while NCsoft is incapable of smoothly running a single server.
  6. What I don't understand is why are people that are absolutely loving and enjoying the game constantly on the forums attacking anyone who has an issue. Shouldn't you be too busy in game having fun? Unless of course they are botting and while doing so have the time to sit on the forums. That makes sense I suppose.
  7. Where exactly did he say he hasn't put any money into the game?
  8. Nah I was focused on the "You only play because I pay" statement.
  9. I don't know man. I've met some extremely stupid people on L2 over the last decade lol
  10. Okay you're technically wrong on the first part. While it would be stupid to do so anyone could sell the top D wep to a shop and it would generate adena. I really can't imagine someone doing that but again, technically it could happen.
  11. Pay 2 Play

    And if everybody paid for that cup of coffee your queue time would increase to what the free queue is lol
  12. Pay 2 Play

    Computer spazzed when this went. ignore this one.
  13. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    Why are people saying this is another afk event? Yeah you have to play for an hour but you can only get the reward once a day and the character has to be level 20 or higher.
  14. Something smells fishy

    As of this post @Juji was on the boards 4 minutes ago and @Hime was on 3 hours ago. They are intentionally ignoring the issue and player base.
  15. Well the rumor is wrong because that is literally impossible lol