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  1. nope, VIPs wait but waiting time is like 34 times smaller. I tried it, when logging without vip there was 1000+ ppl queue and same time logging with vip1 or 4 , dont matter was like 300+ and mostly vip queue time will go muuuch faster. For 5 USD you can be vip for 6 moths if you only buy 80nc coin worth in l2 store every month.
  2. I want to trade Trident + 150k for Dwarven Trident. Write me here on in game FistFighter or SexySpoiler
  3. Now i added also spiritshot D recipe to the package!
  4. Hi! I am selling these recipes all together. Good for lvl 20+ artisan who want to star he/her career quickly Waiting for bids starting from 100k adena. Bid here or whisper me in game: FistFighter or write me letter in game if i am not online.
  5. That is really good, awesome video, and all is true also! Fantastic how these ncsoft bastards just rob us and laugh. But karma will get them soon enough and something bad will happend for who are envolved.
  6. Hello everyone! Let's make game play fun and exciting doing different in game activities together. Come and help to build something different so we all can enjoy everyday game play more. If your age is 25 or more then please contact me in game FistFighter or let's talk in our Discord channel here https://discord.gg/xXd227 Help to build something worth while, where people use English language in chats and voice chat channels. Where we can help each other to achieve more by doing things together or having fun in solo if that is your way to go. We are waiting most players
  7. This creature has to have like 199HP, but it has way over 3000, maybe even more. Please fix it!
  8. After finishing first bigger quest we should have option to choose between fists and sword, but we can only choose butcher sword. Pelease fix it !
  9. Hi! Dagger should be very fast yes? So if blunt weapon speed is 414 how then dagger is only 499 and even if i use buffs, speed does not go up Please check dagger speed, there is something very wrong there. I get that it is classic server, but this speed is way way to low for the dagger compared to the other weapons. Otherwise, please change my char Sahiib to bow fighter if dagger char is bugged,
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