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  1. Central Time Zone Plan on playing evenings M-F 7pm~10pm Weekends ~8 hours On Discord all day Level 35 cleric going bishop Looking for CP or Clan to join that matches my playing time
  2. Taken from the classic wiki, i would expect spiritshots to heal for more then not using spirit shots and effectively there is no reason for a healer to use blessed spiritshots, as it doesn't increase cast speed or healing value beyond normal spirit shots
  3. Hey guys, If you go into options and turn on healing numbers, you can see the actual numbers you heal for. I've noticed that without spirit shots, my basic skill heal, heals for around 320 but if I use spirit shots, its capped at 300, wouldn't I expect to see the opposite? as spirit shots increase healing effects. Let me know if this is a bug, or is correct Thanks
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