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  1. So if they don't even know the max level of their version, what's the point in even discussing drop rates when it's a much broader subject. Lmfao, this clown fiesta is getting better with each passing day.
  2. Spoil rates are crap even on low level mobs, there are only a few that are ok-ish but most are a waste of mp. At this point I just abandoned my spoiler and just started leveling an archer, there is no reason to be a spoiler whatsoever, the skill itself is not worth the mp cost.
  3. Are you being serious right now? This crap still hasn't been fixed?
  4. Was said on discord that there are no plans for classic transfers to be available any time soon if ever.
  5. Which part, "by design", returns their investment, when part of your player base gets fed up with messed up all over the place rates and simply leaves? I'm sorry but where is this return of investment you're speaking off when you are losing potential customers?
  6. Not sure how a 50% buff to 40+ mobs that drop 3-4 times less adena will help in any way but ok...
  7. Idk how I should describe spoil rates, but they are all over the place. I did a test on (lv16) Stone Guardian 1k kills (done as level 19+ spoil), and got 208 iron ores, which is very far form the alleged 40-44% rate on l2wiki, but rather close to the 25% rate in the L2.dropspoil. Next test, (lv21) Ghost Guardian 1k kills (done as lv21-22 spoil), 71 iron ores, 8 steel, here the rates were absolutely abysmal which are nowhere near close when compared to the 29-35%(iron) - 2.7-3.4%(steel) on l2wiki and 33% (iron) - 2.8% (steel) on L2.dropspoil. I know that the l2.dropspoil isn't a 1.5 databa
  8. I mean, I've got no reason to lie, I sat through a 10hr+ queue before and just said screw it at the end and just went to sleep. Now I'm here: https://gyazo.com/2900fc9c1b89e8fd17ac225046e54045 Started since the announcement.
  9. I'd say it's going much faster than before, prior to that it would take me around an hour to go 100-150 places in the queue, now I've logged in since the announcement and was at 1k~ in the queue, 1 hour later I'm at 82. So it definitely isn't the same shit.
  10. 10.5 hours, from 2000~ to 200 after which I just turned it off and went to sleep, haven't tried to log in since.
  11. I mean, even if you would want to pay for VIP now to by-pass most of the queue, you still can't because you need to get into the game to spend 80 coins to get VIP 1, so you're essentially foked either way. Which in turn would lead to the VIP queue climbing, and result in the same thing we got now, so ya.
  12. Yesterday Giran had a 300 bigger queue than TI when I checked it. Aden was nearing its cap, maybe it already has a queue, so as you've said, transfer fixes nothing. Needs a cap increase or a new server with free transfer option... I'm just sitting here for the 2nd week now, going through the "client will be closed", non-existent drops, now an infinite queue which still has a chance of "client will be closed". I don't even know wtf is going on at this point. A wild guess would be that they completely underestimated how many people are interested in classic L2. Not the worst first 2 w
  13. Yes the issue with your suggestion is that to get that VIP, you still got to go through a 10-13hour queue, if not longer, and then hope that the game doesn't crash or do other shit at any point during the queue. Edit: Also as more and more people will attempt to do the same to bypass the queue, you will end up back in the same place where you started, but this time it won't be a 10hr+ f2p queue, it will be a 10hr+ vip queue.
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