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  1. i have a better idea free transfer from TI and Giran to Aden due the overpopulation...
  2. just think about it....6k +++ players in a smaller map with people leveling in the same places doing the same repeatable quest, ruins of agony, spider nest,etc , i see it everyday like 200+ people to kill 50 mobs all around the map
  3. your assumption is wrong i am free and i cannot log in , also http://l2.laby.fr/status/ giran and TI are on max i belive they cannot reach 5900 players thats why the autokick, as i said the mayor problem about the log in isuues its the multiboxing, since im not a victim or whatever can i have ur @ss? lol just kidding
  4. No! the reason for being unable to log in its because the servers are full, and YES paid members has priority, the main problem? multiaccounts,multibox, end of the story, but my post was about the game progression later on,some people expect to get 70 in a couple of months? thats naive, thats were the vip difference incomes.
  5. *its not pay to win its pay to progres faster* some ignorants will say, but in this game if you are ahead of other players you are already winning, like when free players reach lv 50 vip will be 65, and from lv 55+ you have to kill like +500 mobs to get 0.5% on you xp bar(this is just an example havnt did the proper mats) plus the leveling cost witch is huge soulshots,spiritshots, potions and misc unless you sit 2-3 min ever 3-4 mobs you kill, witch is painful, and dont you dare to die cause losing 10% of your xp bar can be a full day of grinding lost the matrix trilogy plot
  6. i dont understand why still people complaining, servers are full end of the story, i sugested incerasing the server size but i was wrong, taking a bottle as an example if you increase the size of the stomach of a bottle (amount of players in the same server) you also need to increase the bottleneck(mobs respawn speed, mobs amount) and that may cause server stress and inestability, and lots of hysteria due the overpopulation,im lv 21+ and belive me you have to fight for every mob around and the game experience its frustrating, so i see only 3 possible solutions 1- no multibox nor multiacco
  7. cant enter the game cause of these multibox farmers yey!
  8. if you're around 20 ,you can do grimm collector quest, in gludio to hunt zombies, skeletons etc, you talk with curtis, then with samed witch is hidding around nearby (in the town) then going to ruins of agony and ruins of despair , kill undead!
  9. saw this comming 3 days days ago , some other people told me *naahh people will leave when they notice its too hardcore so dont spread fake news*2 days ago made a new char in giran cause TI will only get worse, now giran its like TI, i will not say the names cause its aganist the rules but... aham here i go so childish but feels good, the only solution i see is making different channels in the same server if its posible (like aion) otherwise no solution, and complaining is dumb , cause after you que to get in you must que to kill a mob or find a gindingspot
  10. a bottleneck due the amount of people in the server, even if you login good luck to find a mob, yesterday trying to complette a quest all spawn were like this
  11. ony 1 should be allowed, you dont play 3 char at once,... ...unless you farm..for dark hidden pruposses aham (sell adenacough!cough!)
  12. make the question more specific,first depends on your playstyle, first of all i recommend to play the char you like most ,you will enjoy the game much more, not sure what class skills you like , then go to youtube, melee,ranged,physical,magical,then damage dealer,tank,healer support?, choose your role , then class and subclass, there is too much variety of classes so you question needs to be more specific.
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