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  1. WTB/WTS list

    Updated List: WTS: Sword of Whispering Death (101 m.atk) (mail offer) Homunkulus Sword (101 m.atk) (mail offer) Rudolph Nose (offer me) WTB: Ghoul's Staff Heads (750k each COD ME) Demon Staff Heads (800k each COD ME) OriharuOre/Coal/Charcoal/IronOre/Varnish/Stem/AnimalBone/CryC (buying alot in bulk, mail/PM me prices) IGN: ChiefSlapAHoe
  2. WTB/WTS list

    WTS: Sword of Whispering Death (taking offers) WTB: Karmian Set (+boots preferable) Homunkulus/Sword of Whispering Death BLADES (100k each cod me, buying alot) OriharuOre/Coal/Charcoal/SOP/IronOre/Varnish/AnimalBone/Stem/CryC/AdaNugget/MithrilOre (buying bulk quantities, mail me how much u got and price) MAIL ME IN GAME: ChiefSlapAHoe