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  1. Kamael Update?

    Does anyone have info on the kamael from RU servers? Has this update gone live on EU servers? Ty
  2. GIRAN lvl 76 Storm Screamer lf CP

    Lvl 76 soon to be 77 SScreamer looking for english speaking CP. Can log almost everyday, gmt+2. Decent gear. Giran server. Pm at "ChiefSlapAHoe
  3. Grade penality

    Yes U can use whatever grade u want
  4. My set is gone ???

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand i got my set back thank you Support Team!!
  5. My set is gone ???

    That never has and never will happen, I make a living in the game by trading in Giran. I do not make mistakes regarding prices. And if that would have happened, I would not have come here to cry about it
  6. My set is gone ???

    Yeah well they did answer and I quote "We have received your message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience". Hopefully soon =/
  7. My set is gone ???

    im vip4 since day 1, even bought a founders / starter pack or w/e it was called not cool to wake up and ur most expensive gear is gone... vanished in thin air
  8. My set is gone ???

    So after spending months in the market and gathering adena day by day i finally got my Karmian set+6 a few days ago. Last night after i sold an item in giran I went to bed and woke up like 15min ago to leave my char afk with store in Giran market. But boy oh boy would I get a big surprise. I log in my account and my dam Karmian Set+6 is freakin' gone! My char still has his staff and all the adena but wtf happened to my set??? This is outrageous, I know i've not been hacked otherwise I would have no staff, i have like 28kk adena which is still there but my karmian set+6 is gone WHAT THE HELL NCSOFT?? I've submited a ticket, hopefully they will restore it, otherwise I see myself forced to quit. I understand all the problems the game has, but dissapearing gear overnight?? COME ON
  9. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    Hey guys, I don't usually post on the forums but I'd like to give a small feedback regarding this pendant to ppl who still plan on playing. I'm not a big spender, but I do spend a casual 50 bucks on the game for various xp boosts and cosmetic stuff. Given the "nice event" NC brought us I thought I should try my luck (bad idea) and try and make myself a pendant. I did play for a few years on Chronos and I should have known what kind of money scamming events these nice guys at the company implement but I thought "hey, maybe they made the rates more humanly, lets do a last try out of love for the game". Boy was I wrong. So I got myself 8k Ncoins and bought 2 x 3600 packs so 60 pendants lvl1 I didn't even dare to hope to get a lvl5 pend since the DM specifies the rate is low so in the end out.of 60 pends I had 2 x lvl3 and 3 x lvl4 pendants. Besides one exception, one of the lvl4 made it to +6 then went poof at +7, all the other pendants never went passed +3... So basically after spending 100 euros I found myself looking at my monitor with no pendant, just alot of polish with nothing to use it on. So you guys do the math before even trying to go for a pendant. Oh and the best thing, I was chatting with a guy randomly and he told me he spend a little over 3,000 (yes thousand) euros and got 3 x lvl1 +10 pendants and 2 x lvl5 + 8 pendants. So not even one yet lvl5+10. 3 god dam thousand euros!!! Some ppl dont even earn that in 2-3 months ! I'm not here to cry and say i'm gonna quit, cuz i'm not. I just want to give a heads up to ppl who plan on spending a few bucks, not worth it. It might be worth getting just lvl1 pends and.going for +10 for the 40%xp and thats where you should stop. To be honest this is the last cent I give them since it appears they allow the event items to be tradable, next similar events i'll just use adena and get the minimum item. I'm not gonna quit since I don't have time and nervs to start another game, I play it pretty casual anyway. And momma didn't raise no quitter
  10. WTB Karmian Set+6 / Mage D Weapon+8~+12

    As title says, i'm looking to buy Karmian Set+6 Mage D grade weapon +8~+12 or even higher (preferable top D wep) Paying in cash adena!! MAIL ME IN GAME: ChiefSlapAHoe
  11. WTB List

    Homunkulus Blades Sword of Whispering Death Blades Demon Staff Heads Ghoul Staff Heads Atuba Mace Heads I buy alot of each item, mail me in game: ChiefSlapAHoe
  12. WTB/WTS list

    Updated List: WTS: Sword of Whispering Death (101 m.atk) (mail offer) Homunkulus Sword (101 m.atk) (mail offer) Rudolph Nose (offer me) WTB: Ghoul's Staff Heads (750k each COD ME) Demon Staff Heads (800k each COD ME) OriharuOre/Coal/Charcoal/IronOre/Varnish/Stem/AnimalBone/CryC (buying alot in bulk, mail/PM me prices) IGN: ChiefSlapAHoe
  13. WTB/WTS list

    WTS: Sword of Whispering Death (taking offers) WTB: Karmian Set (+boots preferable) Homunkulus/Sword of Whispering Death BLADES (100k each cod me, buying alot) OriharuOre/Coal/Charcoal/SOP/IronOre/Varnish/AnimalBone/Stem/CryC/AdaNugget/MithrilOre (buying bulk quantities, mail me how much u got and price) MAIL ME IN GAME: ChiefSlapAHoe