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  1. This is actually a fallacy. Only a small minority of people need to purchase in game money for these game farms to consider it profitable. They aren't just just running lineage 2. Running instances of games and getting in game money through botting is virtually costless for them. Losing a single sale is the least common denominator for their profits, not the amount of bots or in game currency. Extrapolate that over many games. Yes, from an economical perspective if NO ONE bought in game money, there would be less, but there would likely be at least a handful sitting there spamming for
  2. Not all classic servers are filled with bots, just the ones run by NCSoft(NCWest) themselves. Illegal servers mostly do not have this issue. Mainly because it's apparent that one dev in his spare time can make permanent solutions when an entire multi-million dollar company can't.
  3. Nah, I just quit. Uninstalled. Whatever justification for account flipping and botting people give, I don't have these resources available to me, so I will never compete. There is no point as once I hit 75 the game will be over for me at that point. Even if I'm logged in for every single hour of my free time I cannot compete with people who will exploit to the top by flipping accounts and botting. I guess this game just isn't for me. If you have the resources to do this, I envy you. Have fun guys.
  4. As long as one person is there to check the account, they will never be banned. That's just how it is here. Bots are here to stay, the real question is, knowing that they will not solve this issue, do you still want to play?
  5. The issue isn't if NCWest will do anything about this. Any trip to Orc Barracks, Abandoned Camp, or Partisan's Highways will shows you what their stance on this is. They are completely overrun by the account flippers/botters. So no I'm even asking them to do anything because they won't. The question is, is there a point to playing if you aren't exploiting the game or apart of these groups? AKA, a real NA person playing normal amount of hours a day, not flipping accounts and botting? See the above post justifying account sharing. That's what I'm talking about. That's why I feel like
  6. You can go to Orc Barracks, Abandoned Camp, Partisan's Highway on ANY server and see the MASSIVE amount of bots infesting the place. You don't need a useless report button that will get ignored.
  7. The servers are infested with "CPs". You can translate that to mostly not a single person playing an account, and very likely some bots mixed in. As long as someone is there to check the accounts occasionally. The vast majority of these CPs are South American and Russian. These people are incredibly rude and hostile towards americans, and if we were a race, I would call them racists that's how bad it is. Considering the state of the other classic servers, is there a point in even playing? I cannot keep up with these people flipping accounts to people so they can farm 24/7. If history
  8. L2J is not a complete mess. Shocking that unofficial sources are more accurate to 2004 than the official sources. It's embarrassing. This version is a joke. I say that as someone who WANTS to spend money on an official version. However, when they can't get something as easy as rates on the server right, something that interns could probably fix. It doesn't fill me with hope for the future.
  9. NCSoft gonna NCSoft. Unless the spoil rate is supposed to be around 1% in the cruma marshlands, there was a nerf. Yes I've been counting my mobs kills and number of spoils. This basically kills scavengers. RIP.
  10. Not more stupid than this comment, I can say that, ss a software developer myself, I'm honestly curious how they can change these configuration values in minutes on private servers yet the company with tons of money need international help....
  11. I don't think NCSoft should support people playing on NA servers from any country not actually on the NA continent, let alone the Ukraine.
  12. You can stop arguing VIP priority. I'm VIP4 and although I play on Aden, I tried on TI and I get the same issue. It doesn't appear to exclude VIP.
  13. Daily restarts will fix the issue of people refusing to log off by afking 24/7, which would allow active players to login. You might consider this.
  14. In united states law this is legal. MMO's are "services". They are providing a service, not a good. This is why most single player games are moving to being services, so they can circumnavigate these restrictive laws. When you buy NCOIN, you are buying more features or things of that service. Unless they outright take your money and don't give you anything, or give you the wrong thing, it's legal for them to stop service. If you don't like it, write a congressman(or woman) to write legislation to increase consumer protections from online services.
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