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  1. Id recommend you to refund now before ncsoft does anything malicious, if everything goes well buy it back, but dont let them handle any money for now
  2. NCsoft's concept of massive is 6k players per server including boxxes, bots and afks What do you expect
  3. The difference is that even p2w here is screwed and will also hit the wall, being p2w doesnt fix the adena problem
  4. I didnt even pay to play fam, and i did talk about the login issue IN A SAME POST THAT YOU QUOTED AND AGREED WITH ME that 6k players per server is delusional for 2018 When i try to defend people i dont look at their wallets, f2ps and p2ws are both affected by this shitty company, im just trying to protect people
  5. Lets pk the entire server and log in as many afks as we can If they wont fix the server we'll destroy it even more
  6. The problem here is that you think only people who paid are complaining
  7. People tend to confuse hardcore with unplayable A hardcore experience means you put effort into it and get a reward Here the reward is a slap on your face at lvl 40 unless you plan to grind the same quest with lvl 18 alts for the rest of the year
  8. As i said in another quote before At least Bless online had the dignity to close and a communicative staff answering the community, this is way worse than Bless by miles
  9. Who said everyone is american here I'm from argentina and us with brazil have the most prestigious public universities and high level public education in america and the entire world gtfo go back to drink your chocolate milk at school
  10. What triggering? Lol go back to school its monday, we are talking about legal issues here you know? Adult stuff +18 Please dont be more lame and do something for you, go to class or whatever 14yo like you do on a monday in school
  11. Actually yes they did, they banned vips making tickets for a refund and kept their money, also they sold packs saying this was another version, the same packs who were supposed to be limited until the server opened but they are still in store If thats not fraudulent or illegal idk you should probably read more about consumers defense
  12. I feel so sorry and sad for your anger and your lame attempt of defending the undefendable, as i said, i wish you good luck in this adventure with other 500 players, don't come crying when you hit a wall or ncsofts scams you, good luck
  13. You realize most people complaining have 70k+ adena at lvl 20 right? Maybe because we know how the economy works No matter how much adena you get at lvl 20 or how fast you can get a d weapon, its all worthless once you hit the real game
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