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  1. Same here. I have been trying to log on for over an hour. Half the time it just disconnects me and asks me to close my client before I even get a chance to put my pin in. Other times I start to put my PIN in and by the time I get to the fourth number, it brings up the pop up to close client. Also if i'm in the queue and click the cancel to get out of it, it closes the client from an error. However does not state which error.
  2. Your post is incorrect. You could not have had enough adena to buy gear for every character if you played when it firdt came out. You must have been playing a private server. I would like to see the date of births on all you complaining how it is not similar to the original. Most of you were prob in jr high and playing Wow.
  3. I don't know if the drop rate for adena is correct or not, but it doesn't sound like most of you ever played retail back then. Teleports cost so much money you would run from Gludin to gludio all the time. This was because if you were trying to save money for gear you had to. Also as for soul shots, I would use one Soulsout per mob because you couldnt afford to spam them. And yes killing thousands of mobs per level even in your 30's was a everyday thing. Keeping a no grade weapon until 40 also wasnt uncommon. Stop crying and play.
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