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  1. gg ncsoft. you could have milked us for xp scrolls and cosmetics. Now you've lost all of us
  2. literally 98% of players arent at the orignal "cap" of 70 why the hell would you release 78+ and 3rd class change?
  3. Is this a joke? Why in god's name would you put the siege on SUPERBOWL SUNDAY?
  4. This is absolutely ridiculous that HUNDREDS of people can't log in and NCSoft is doing literally nothing about it, nor communicating updates as they make progress (assuming they are working on it). NCSoft you should be ashamed of yourselves. Imagine if ANY OTHER service had an outage for greater than 5 days. Customers would be livid. Stocks would plummet. I hope you read this comment at your next team meeting or stand up and realize how much your team has failed the players that bend over backwards to keep playing your terrible game and deal with your terrible game management.
  5. @Hime Can I get my PK count reduced by 1?
  6. This has happened to me as well.
  7. Looking for ~30 mil or best offer. Mail Spliffy In game
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