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  1. OK bye bye, it was fun to replay the beginning but you will have the same issues with bots and Adena buying and selling cause your drop rates suck. So was fun now GAME OVER.
  2. Well then their should be a 3x server and a 1x server then you would have the version you want to play. That makes both happy easy fix Next?
  3. Actually the majority doesn't not want HARDCORE version. They prefer a softer server that will allow a casual gamer to gear up without struggling to hard. You can say you make plenty of adena and yes you probably understand the game mechanics better than an average player and the game should be tailored for the average player. More people happy then people will play more and the company will make more profits. So the complaints being addresses is good for Ncsoft and the avg Gamer.
  4. Keep up the good work. Listening to players to make this game fun will keep everyone coming back and more
  5. I was explaining that as an archer i could no longer afford to play. the adena was not enough to maintain shots and arrows and gear up unless i got ridiculously lucky on drops. other classes the adena amout doesnt affect them Ie tanks who dont need shots so they can save adena. mages can aoe saving the really expensive shots they make a decent return. Healers are choosing not to use shots unless emergency healing to make adena but all classes are not equal in the amout of adena they make vs consume. now if you says its the price of playing a DD I know this why i had to make other chars to farm
  6. you do realize if you do not adjust the adena drop amount significantly people will buy adena to make up the difference to gear up, from the adena spammers, increasing the bot problem. At the same time it makes bots more profitable. Its a catch 22. Increase it so people can buy armor and shots weapons for c grade without out needing to farm adena 24/7 and less people will buy from bots.
  7. I quit playing my archer because i was bleeding adena. couldnt afford shots arrows or even to get better gear. If your an archer over lvl 40 then your either buying adena or other people in your party are paying to help you. ok so archer fires the bow uses 3 css and 1 arrow say you get shots super cheap 12 a thats 38 adena plus 6 for the arrow and it takes 5-7 shots to kill average mob the archers level Cost of adena is 220-308 per mob and make only 33-104 adena. and if you say dont use shots then you will have to sit for 2 min after every mob. and thus far making archer the weakest class
  8. Can you please ban the adena selling spammers. It shouldnt take more than logging in once a day to ban the lot of them. I have blocked them time and time again and even a week later logging in an alt that same spammer is there, gets really annoying blocking them on main then alts, crafting chars, buffers. Every port there is another several spammers some privte msg some shout. so my chat window is full.
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