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  1. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    It's working as intended. Only the weapons are tradeable.
  2. Halloween candy, question.

    No, you don't. Only the daily gives you a box.
  3. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    They all include a combination of soes, potions, 1st/2nd class buffs, xp scrolls and xp rune.
  4. [News] Pumpkinface Curse or Candy Event

    There's a pin on discord showing the exact contents of each box (there's 4 boxes btw, there's a 2000 NC one). Website is up for me. Maybe try another browser?
  5. Recommendation System

    It makes your name bluer the more you have. When maxed out (255 I think) your name is blue instead of white.
  6. Enlighten Us

    Unfortunately yes. Bots are very hard to fight and I wish there could just be removed from the game permanently. But the fact that there are bots, and have been since day 1, doesn't take away from the thousands of players online at all times.
  7. Enlighten Us

    Can you show me where you have the statistics showing most people quitting? Because online numbers are still as strong as before. If you want to bring up numbers and words like "most" and "majority", bring numbers to back it up... The game is not perfect, but please stop trying to make it look like most people have huge problems with it. Voice your opinion in a reasonable manner with no pretense or lies and you'll get better results.
  8. I'd love to know where you get your numbers, because I only see a very small minority of people here in the forums complaining. Meanwhile, there's thousands of players enjoying the game who don't agree with you. Stop talking as if you represent the server population, because you don't. You're a very small minority.
  9. Enlighten Us

    This is not true at all. Only a very small handful of people are in the forums complaining. the vast majority of players are in game actually playing the game. We're talking maybe a few dozen players complaining (I'm sure it's less than 100 players, seeing as you see the same names over and over complaining), but there's thousands of players not complaining and just enjoying the game. So please, understand that you're in the minority in wanting these changes. Don't talk as if you're the voice for the whole NA Classic community, because most do not agree with you.
  10. Fearless Recruiting

    You may want to mention what server your clan is in, since there's no server-specific recruitment forums.
  11. This game is a joke

    Some people like the hardcore grinding. I'm old too, and I like it. Some people like that it takes effort to level. I know I do. Some people play healers, and with no dual boxing to boot. I do (EO 28 with no boxes). Some people like the mob grinding parties. It's the only reason I'm here, actually. If you want quests and solo gameplay, go play a single player game. Or another mmo really, since they all feel like single player games more than mmo nowadays. Also very curious about where you got your "90% of people". Care to share your sources?
  12. proof of blood

    The wiki is wrong, it seems. I liked directly from the classic version of the wiki, so I expected it to be correct
  13. proof of blood