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  1. What if ... ?

    Plus people in que. probably around 2k-3k active concurrent players on at any time. That is a lot for a game map this small. Have you gone to any grind spot in the 20-35 range and said, wow we need more players here?
  2. What if ... ?

    Are we on the same server?
  3. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE TENACIOUSWe are a huge gaming community founded in 2009, held together by friends and all our good times together in games.We provide a laid back & fun gaming environment. We plan regular Social Events and Community Run Contests; Game specific events.We are a multi-gaming community and many members join for more than one guild at a time.TENACIOUS is the kind of place you settle down in.Make friends.Pour a drink.Relax.TENACIOUS IN LINEAGE 2If you're looking for a guild of adult gamers that understand real life comes first,But doesn't use that as an excuse to be mediocre gamers - Look no further.We are pushing the limits of what people have come to expect from a Semi-Casual Guild.Being a Casual Guild - to us, at least - does not mean that we do not have goals.It does not mean we don't care about your progression.It does not mean we do not try our best .It does mean we will never force a certain playstyle or have a hard level or gear requirement,because we understand that real life obligations take priority,because we welcome all kinds of players who want to play and have fun,because your gear score doesn't define who you are as a friend and guildmate,because we expect you to join and stay with us for the long haul.You'll improve. We'll improve. We'll grow and get better together.And make no mistake: When **** needs to get done; We WILL get it done.In TENACIOUS no matter what you come to us with:You will progress. You will experience everything Lineage 2 has to offer. And you will have fun doing it.WHAT YOU CAN EXPECTOrganized Involved Leadership Active Website with Community Forums Active Playerbase Class Mentorship Grind Groups PvP Practice Mumble Server where at least somebody is always online Active community wide discord And Most Importantly: Friends to enjoy this awesome game with!WHAT WE EXPECTDon't be an asshatBe an active involved member of our communityFollow our rules of engagement... We are not a PK GuildBe at our Node Wars once a weekCome into mumble and don't be a strangerGet bigger, badder, and stronger!If any or all of this sounds awesome to you please visit our website. Check out our Charter: https://www.tenaciousgamers.com/forums/index.php?threads/charter.6229/ and write an appropriate Introduction Post (Hint: How to do it is written in the charter)
  4. Karma - PK System!!

    As in you can grind back 5k karma loss in a few hours if needed. And there are plenty of grind spots people will leave you alone that are pretty open.
  5. Karma - PK System!!

    Karma is not a big issue for me. I think if I get into fights and have to fight even if I got 5k Karma, I am able to burn that all down in a night. Ive played games where that is worse. Im at PK 3 atm and the thought of spending 990k to reduce that down seems pretty bs. I think a fair compromise would be doing the sineater quest reduces all PK points. As you still have the risk of item loss above PK 4.
  6. To me it seems like multiboxing does more harm then it does good, and while its nice that it used to allow it, Im not sure its needed in the new version. Obviously they will not want to refund players for their alt accounts so they will be keeping this in the game. Is there anyone able to give me a good reason that multiboxing is good for the game instead of gaining an advantage over people who do not multibox?
  7. Silence is Concerning

    Heres the real issue. They NEVER expected their classic server to be this popular. I have people in my guild whos never played L2 before like myself who came out of the wood works and just want to play a solid fresh start mmo. They fixed a the login issue so now the que moves much much slower then before since its not kicking as many people out. They need to decide whether they need to increase the server cap or add another server or wait it out and hope that normal mmo attrition fixes their server issues. It ends up being a business decision whether they want to invest into increasing their player capacity. They probably will, but that’s not a decision that can be made without someone signing off on it
  8. Silence is Concerning

    Ok, Ill white Knight this. They fixed the client will close issue on Friday. Since then people could actually wait in que on alts. They dont work on weekends. Today is Monday. Lets give it a day.
  9. Interesting Fact about Karma

    We actually had a blast dude, no hard feelings on that at all. Im pretty new to L2 so it was good to actually get some more experience in some fights.
  10. Interesting Fact about Karma

    <3 If you guys could kill me I wouldnt have needed to grind back Karma.
  11. Remember the good old days

    Like last friday or so
  12. When logging into this game took skill and not just time.
  13. It's monday, fix your game

    Theres ways to bring up issues without sounding trollish. Theyve been pretty responsive previously, I think theres been enough complaints that they understand they may need to address it. Attrition usually solves issues like this unfortunately.
  14. Capacity. Multiboxing

    Youll notice your que moves much faster then those without VIP. I think even with 250 people in front of me the longest Ive waited is around a half hour with vip 4.
  15. Interesting Fact about Karma

    This may be old news but I had no idea about it. I dont think anything I read suggested using xp scrolls would increase your karma gain. I hear people complain about receiving only 2-3 Karma per kill when I was able to gain over 10 per kill because of xp. Also I don't think anyone else made the correlation that VIP 4 = More Karma recovery. Its interesting for sure.