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  1. And where are you farming? Most classes around 50 have a very difficult time soloing. There is very little xp/sp loss for duoing.
  2. -Cost of shots compared to adena gained is not the issue. If you can't afford shots, group grind or farm slower. Its doable. -TP costs are not a big deal. Walk or leave mains in certain areas, grind spots, aden etc. The issue is that grinding from 20-35 is about 3x more lucrative then grinding 40-55. Honestly if you dont want to change adena rates at the top end, nerf lower level grinding. The issue is RNG box events that require 0 effort except logging in that supports people having as many box accounts as possible can make weeks worth of adena in a click.
  3. Hi Rony, let me know if you found a clan. We could certainly use a warlord for a bunch of our groups. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6271-na-talking-island-tenacious-hardcore-at-heart-casual-by-nature-recruitment-now-open/
  4. Hey Adrian, not sure if you found a clan but wed love to have you. Check us out. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/6271-na-talking-island-tenacious-hardcore-at-heart-casual-by-nature-recruitment-now-open/
  5. We have opened a 2nd guild and it is currently level 3. Looking to fill this up as soon as possible. We have roughly 25 spots open in the two level 3 guilds.
  6. VIP 4 doesnt give additional adena. Please tell the KR devs that it is bugged because that is obviously why it isnt being changed.
  7. Knight Bros! Sounds good man, we could use another tank! Castlevania fan I assume? Like the above messages I would need you guys to sign up on our forums. All our discord and mumble is connected to each other so its important to just follow the steps.
  8. Sounds good dude! We could use another waycryer, love those buffs man. Just apply on the website and we will have officers help you get invited to the guild.
  9. Yes sir! You get to be one of the first pioneers into our 2nd guild. Its going to take us about a week to build it up but you would be joining a massively active group of nerds.
  10. No way to bypass that. Old admin created that as he would end up custom editing peoples avatars so there werent a bunch of blank faces.
  11. Hi Guys, due to the demand in our community we have opened up a 2nd guild. 2 of our seasoned officers have gone over to TenaciousGamers. We are connected through voice comms and discord and are working to fill this entire roster. Make sure to sign up on the forum > how to sign up and get linked to all our comms listed here. No level requirement. There is an activity requirement where if you do not log in a week without letting anyone know we will boot you until you decide to return. We are averaging 15-20 people online in voice comms a night atm. https://www.tenaciousgamers.com
  12. Still looking for some solid members to join. No Level requirement, just have fun.
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