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  1. Legal? Mate they made fraud advertising on the server to make people buy start packs. They don't care about legality.
  2. Then let me tell you, right 1 day before launch they changed PK DESTROY ITEM TO PK DROP ITEM. They did not need 2 weeks to consult Internationally. So that means, they can actually change things.
  3. Yeah because someone with jhgphhhf2 random named guy typed? klahjsdlkjhaskjdhasd wake up, people actually played these servers. You can just fool others, not us.
  4. How so? That classic version has many different setups than Korea which means NCWEST changed it. So?
  5. "Without comparison to other servers" ROFL. Dude this game has official subsidies and servers which are being run for years, that's how people know what classic game client/version is. You think NCwest just create a new game version? ROFL, they just limited the content to 1.5 as they said but in 1.5 adena/drop/spoil was much much better as created tons of topics in the forum. Saying 1.5 content means classic 1.5 content that we can compare to CLASSIC 1.5 OFFICIAL SERVERS RAN IN THE PAST, like Korea, EU, RU.
  6. The server has 5k+ online count which means just 1-1.5k max. Many people play with 6-10 characters on, you can check some streamers in twitch too. All fishing, boxing etc just 1-1.5k actually playing. 300-500 crying on forum yeah, that clown thinks he is an expert hahahahaha
  7. Yeah exactly, just requested refund for the pack. I will even start chargeback via my Credit card provider for fraud/scam advertising. Nothing matches with the official patch notes they have provided. %4 XP loss, 1.5 content etc all lie and intended. Paypal gives the refund in the fraud cases like these(just show what's going on in the forum, they even admitted it) if you guys want to try, for just credit card talk to your credit card provider for a chargeback for fraud if NC refuses to refund you.
  8. Yeah because its too hard to understand in 6 days that rates are wrong. Because he is born retarded and his brain does not work as a normal human being? Because its not that hard to figure out there is something wrong, in 6 days. Private server developers fix shits like these in just hours, unless its "INTENDED TO MILK MONEY".
  9. Juji said same things at 05.10.2018. Sorry, I'm not gonna take that fish this time. No more believing in FraudSoft and especially FraudJuji. They are obviously taking time milking our money for shots and shits. If a simple thing like drop/adena/spoil rates cant be fixed in 6 days already then you understand the situation and stop believing these Frauds.
  10. This is how you buy time to sell more L2Store shots. Then you guys will have little boost to the adena and get rekt ^^
  11. Totally agree. server does not feel right, its like custom private server to suck out of money from people. max 1 month life then empty one like that.
  12. Most of the CPs and solo players are waiting for the next maintenance with a hope for resolution. You will see how fast it dies if nothing is resolved by the next maintenance and the maintenances after that. Its literally unplayable after 40 level since you wont have items to progress and just "MAYBE" enough adena for just teleportations.
  13. Im waiting until next maintenance with my CP. We will quit if things wont be recovered to original Classic.
  14. Yeah man imagine after 40 we will pay for teleportation which noone will be able to afford after some point. This server with those custom rates cant live long.
  15. Same goes for my CP. Its unplayable like that. We will leave if not resolved by the next maintenance. Because accept or deny, this is some custom crap; not original Classic.
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