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  1. Balthus knight quest on other servers give you 2-3 high grade xp tickets for the 100 million exp. Ours states it gives 2-3 high grade xp/sp boost? Is this on purpose?
  2. Ive been looking at camelot unchained when it comes out.
  3. If this isnt removed me and 7 of my friends are out. We are sick and tired of your moronic bullshit. You have fooled us enough, we aren't going to be fooled again. You don't even have the balls to announce that p2w items will be implemented, wasting everyone's time. This isn't the last item to be added. Either you guys get ready to spend 1k every 3 months to stay viable or 2-3 k to be on top. You will see parties snowball from the stuff they add. Brooch is next.
  4. Yeah, my whole group of friends are quitting, not waiting to see what else ncwest screws us over with. @Hime @Juji
  5. I agree. I will probably play and see whats added next, but I know now that this will not be a long term game for me. This is what drove all of your customers from l2 live. And I can see this is turning into exactly that.
  6. Raid rights

    thanks for your reply
  7. Raid rights

    How does it work? I've seen us get raids rights and not do dmg, unable to get loot. I've seen us get raids rights and do some dmg and still not get loot. Has something changed?
  8. Cat Buff

    I think the server went down so they did another cat buff unrelated to original one.
  9. Level cap

    It doesn't matter now. get prepared to get wrecked by lvl 76+ classes. don't even try to pvp, PVE only
  10. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    runes drop by RB not l2 shop.
  11. Level cap

    I would like to see an official comment on this. Are we going to allow the very 'hardcore' players to pull so far ahead that there will never be hope for the players that play 4-5 hours a day?
  12. So, when do I get the millions of exp I grinded on lvl 55 adjusted to my current level?
  13. Where the CM'S?

    Since you guys ran Hime and Juji off because you run this game so terribly and make them respond to the terrible choices you made. You are running your customers off just like you ran them off. Is this what we are going to expect from NCSOFT? Better quit this game now, we are screwed on exp, drop rates and adena. Bots rampant, RMT. NA classic is screwed. Only way to get items is raid, just as well to go play WOW if you enjoy raiding that much.
  14. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    what are you talking about? I got enough sp for my next 3 levels. Try pvping some and not waiting for a 50%+ rez and if you are so good with it, why dont you just go die a few more times on guards so you have more sp.
  15. You stated that the cap was lvl 70, as far as mob content. Yet we have lvl 75 mobs on the server. so what you meant to say is that, the level cap is actually 81-83 soft cap. Right? Mods aren't even active on this forum anymore. Don't expect to hear an answer.
  16. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    Yeah its getting out of hand fast. The other will rush to top and get bored and quit, the other will quit because they cant even pvp or siege or ever have any hope to look forward to be able to.
  17. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    @Hime Thank you for your response, while I don't agree with this I understand it is out of your control. It is not very fair that people 55+ have lost more exp from death, grinded more exp to get that level, it would only make sense to adjust the total exp gain relative to overall exp required per lvl. Thank you again or responding,
  18. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    It matters now that they adjusted it. Should have left alone.
  19. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    Sorry, you forget that some of us actually work and contribute to society.
  20. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    As I said before, what are we all the same % that are past lvl 55 then?
  21. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    @Hime can we get a response on this please? Thanks
  22. lvl 55+ exp adjustment

    When? I am still same % I was.
  23. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    @Hime I would just like to go what the plan is going forward? Are we staying this current path? You can't delvel someone that is 78 back down to 75, better jump on this before people start lvling further and further in.
  24. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    With current content you can lvl up to 81 easy. There are lvl 75 mobs in TOI and you only get a slight penalty at 80 and 81.
  25. So, level cap is a 70 soft cap? Wrong.

    @Hime Hime, not to put you on the spot, as I know you don't get to dictate what does or does not happen. Are there any plans to make sure the server doesnt get too far ahead of the general population? For example, it should have been lvl 75, but can we at least try to cap the levels from getting 76+? If people can continuously play ahead, the other people will see only despair and you will see population decline somewhat.