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  1. So i stopped playing a few ago, however i still have my afk shops generating adena by reselling stews currently have about 5kk revenue so i tought why not give away some since im not playing. Tournamen: Starts at 12:00 PM UTC+1 in Giran server at Gludin arena Max of 16 players Entry lvl - everyone without a second class ( will check that by inviting to a party ) Anyone teamming up including Healing or puposly assisting ( to split the winning ) will be disqualified However buffs are allowed before the fight dont care if its your box or a friend, but as soon as the
  2. Well i made 2.5kk (Book of vardja traded for ELS and put +1 on it) from this event and still have one event EWD so on my part this was quite good
  3. So if you have spinebone sword u get 1170 crystals if crystalized, so if for example I would enchant it to 1 how many crystals would I get then? and if would weapon would burn at 5 for example, would I get more crystals?
  4. As far as I know you cant report people in town
  5. so basicly becouse of leveling? I mean most ppl have buff boxes anyways so its not that hard to ho pve solo with a dagger. how are they in pvp?
  6. Hello, im kinda new to classic experience, started at c2(was complete noob, didnt even knew that tp exists ) but spent most time at c6 when it came out. So a question why I dont see any daggers playing on classic? most of the ppl are archers, wizards, or tanks, but so few daggers running around, whats the deal? are daggers so weak in classic?
  7. Use the market, you wont make nearly enough adena for good D weps just by grinding, resell items, mats, soulshots whatever is needed in the market now, by lvl 28 i made mid D wep, full elven D Juwelry set, and nearly 800k adena just by reselling items while afk
  8. In gludio they do, I tried one and he killed me
  9. Use google, try this maybe it will help https://www.sevenforums.com/bsod-help-support/205970-bsod-0x00000f4.html
  10. whats this nonsense now, after maintenance cant update the game, antivirus software is off nothing bloking the files everything running in admin mode
  11. Then why theres a forum? Not every one uses discord, and its not even oficial discord of the servers... forum is way more practical and easyer to use
  12. @Juji @Hime Come on guys you call this a forum? a 12 year old could make a better one in a txt file. No user profiles, missing a ton of sub forums, markets, flames, off topic, media, dif language sub forums, ect.... look at other classic server farums, its fun to sit and post there, theres plenty of sub forums to post in, while here theres 396789568905649 Threads in general discussion and others barelly get an eye. And people gonna say: WelL FiRsT tHeY nEed toO fIx tHe sErVeR nOt tHe FoRuM. Get over whit it, they dont give a flying f. about the server, or atleast devs in korea
  13. Gl dude, no one is browsing these sub forums unfortunetely, everyones raging at general discusion sub forum Theres no Trading sub forum, and in total this forum is a joke so many features missing, i guess server doesnt go far from the forum
  14. Probably gonna have to wait now till tomorrow, and submit a ticket if u dont get the coins, gl on the ticked maybe you'll get a response in 5 days..... Dont u have Ideal payment option? i find it the fasted and best one
  15. Well you should get your coins imediatelly with CC, idk why it takes so mutch time, for example on rocket league my friend buys keys with CC and its instantly on account
  16. Arent the accounts linked to one IP? if i remember correctly, while creating my acc there was a message saying account will be linked to my IP only, and if u wanna do it on other PC u gonna get veryfication email with a code
  17. How did you pay? i payd with ideal, its always super fast for all kinds of payments, maybe your method takes some time
  18. SPIIIIIIIDERS D.Elf village dude Right side of the church, floor level, basiccly where GK is but on the right side of the temple, forgot his name, u get 3.2k per 10 Q items, but beware, there are like 283786 Bots and Ksers doing the quest, so if your melee be quick
  19. I got mine in about a minute If u got comfirmation email about ur purchase, check L2 store in game, coins should be there
  20. Thats ur argument? so what about kulpdog's post? do you even know what your talking about?
  21. when the sales hit bottom maybe then they will do something with the rates, but for now they have steady income so why change anything
  22. Okay, you buy a car from a dealership its advertises new works great(Like the server how it was advertised), next day they come take out one of your cilinders and a wheel, takes out last gear, and puts half a sizes tank ( Nerfing the adena and spoil rates), and you say drive it as it is, your logic, moron....
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