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  1. Another intellectual, have you heard of time zones? even if the server would merge it will merge with talking island, since TI has closest time zone to aden, and when will they merge? a year from now? so for europeans there is still no place to play. It seems you should accuire some of that "common sense"
  2. Why would I change to transfer if there is no european server to transfer to?(If your talking about aden server, I suggest you google what time zone is) learn to read.... Here if you havent understood yeat, I proposed a new euro server and after population decreases transfer then.... geez people get your parents to read for you, appearently you cant read for sh*t
  3. you take yourself as an exaple comparred to already 3k+ people paying, not everyone will comit to paying monthly, with the problems surrounding the servers
  4. Read my first post, havent I proposed a server merge to this problem?
  5. do you know what a time zone is? google offers a solution if you havent heard of it
  6. how long do you think the current vips will pay? sure some will continue( untill server population decreses), but if you present yourself as an quality server with problem fixing, more people will eventually pay, now lots of people wont pay becouse this server from the start was a sh*t show
  7. Would be a good idea for them, but take this as a factor, I would gladly buy vip but not on this servers, becouse they cant find solutions yeat, and the server start was a disaster, no way in hell im going to pay money to a company that cant launch a server and cant fix the problems occuring to non aying gamers atm, if they would fix this queue nonsense with a new server, couse they cant increase cappacity appearently, then sure I would buy a vip and play on a new server, if my char would be transfered there, couse I made quite some adena and lvling already
  8. Thisnis an annoying problem I wonder if its becouse NCwest have to get a go from korea before maming any decisions, and I doubt korea gives a fuk about this unyik they make tons of $
  9. depends on the server, have seen some inconsintensies on private servers where you can heal with low ng weapon same as best A grade, but others are depending on m atack, wonder how it is here
  10. So as many people suggested already, would it be a good idea opening a new european server, half of the player base if not more are based in europe, opening a new server and alowin char transfer would fix queue problem, and would definetely increase vip sales, people dont want to buy vip now becouse of these problems, even some vips have to sit in queue, eventually server populations will decrese, at that time you could merge 2 european servers and problem fixed?
  11. what do you want another server?
  12. Whats the point of creating new account, ppl want to play with theyr original chars, and anyways you get dc every now and then so u gotta go back to queue
  13. yeah its hardcore to sit for 5 hours just trying to login, grind that mf login button
  14. ...Its not about buying vip just to play, non paying players are players nevertheless, games was advertized as f2p, but made into a sham so only paying players could play, why would I want to pay a company that realeases a server with ton of problems without testing the server, takes weeks to solve easyest of problems. They could easely made a subscription based game and there would be no problems and no ques and capacity increased even( couse there would be no demand for vip only playplay) but they wanna milk the players cuz shops and vips bring more $
  15. Really? Most of the players cant join and level, party, grind whatever, how can you have a clan when at the end of the month some players are lv 45 others syill 20 couse they cant login. And dont give that crap "pay for vip if u wanna play" I would gladly get vip myself, but to pay a company that just laughing in our faces with this fail of a server? go a head sheep pay ur money
  16. Did you even read the thread???? yes they get dc only by sitting on server select screen
  17. So theres no real timer aparently, it just kicks you out randomly
  18. Well i tried waiting 9 minutes at server select screen and got disconnected
  19. well if it would be at credentials then wait 9.30 minutes without choosing a server and look if u get dc after 30sec after choosing the server
  20. well thats the problem, so theres no real timer set, you can get 10 minutes other ppl 9 minutes it doesnt look like a real timer issue its just some bug I guess
  21. Yeah server start was just a fail, half of people cant play while the other half now has even increased rates and are already near lv 40 or already at that, basicly they lost half of population to this nonsense of attempt in a server
  22. I tried this experiment of your, I got dc when there was 8 ppl left in queue but timer went only to 9.40 minutes, so where could the other 20 seconds go?
  23. Well its friday almost noon now in my country and the queue already almost 400 and ofc get kicked wheb queue ends, so weekend also isnt an option, have fun leveling to those who can connect I guess my 22lv char can play when half of the server is lv60, thats gonna be fun
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