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  1. Mass dc

    Talk like the same shit wont happen Like the same shit wont happen again tomorrow
  2. Mass dc

    Another mass dc followed by ss lag on TI today does nc soft cares anymore why do i even play at this point its been 5 months and it goes to worst every day
  3. Is the game worth coming back to

    Compared to live servers the game is not considered p2w grind can be quite easy if ur willing to spend few bucks on runes and xp stuff for me by far the biggest issue has been the server perfomance that has been getting worse and worse worse every day mass dcs every day ss lag mass increase of ping suddenly is on the menu allmost every day also its annoying af how the game breaks constantly like when ur 3 boxing and running somewhere and all ur 3 boxes go white screen and lose autotarget theres been server issues for months and nc havent given a single bleep to fix em theres bots on live servers but for sure its not the main issue anyways the game can be fun if u can take all the bs working i wouldnt recommend considering how poorly is optimized but up to u to decide
  4. Giran - crashing today?

    Hime and juji must be having a money shower with all that pendant money thats why they dont bother do sh!t
  5. Logged this morning and everything was going super slow my speed was 125 even skills was slow wtf is happening
  6. I think i got banned

    how i was able to log my bd and not my se genius
  7. I think i got banned

    it was before maintenance u stupid pos
  8. I think i got banned

    I tried relog says client will be closed confirm
  9. I play since the classic servers started at octomber 4th i have 3 toons necro lvl 48 se lvl 49 bd lvl 52 the only program im using is leatrix latency i logged today and a msg from xingcode came that ive been using a 3rd parrty ileagal program and i should close it sadly i think thats the end for me in this stupid game
  10. We As things going we wont have soon enough.There has to be a permanent solution to this problem
  11. At higher lvls its actually quite hard to aoe 1 small mt and it can end in dissaster.Only ppl with rly good gear can aoe at 60+
  12. I ve logged 2 times without VIP today.Its not like they are scratching their balls ignoring us.They ve tried to adress the issue and they failed they will succeed sometime.Instead of acting like a baby play another game till the servers are stable again
  13. Ffs they never sayed they fixed the login they sayed they will attempt a fix theres a difference
  14. I like ur positive view my friend.Sadly its fair to say that nc killed the hype.I cant remember before a server launch with that many problems.I learned about the classic from some friends and old clannies.Still keen to play waiting to see what happens if ur at talking server id like to grind with ya