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  1. I think i got banned

    how i was able to log my bd and not my se genius
  2. I think i got banned

    it was before maintenance u stupid pos
  3. I think i got banned

    I tried relog says client will be closed confirm
  4. I play since the classic servers started at octomber 4th i have 3 toons necro lvl 48 se lvl 49 bd lvl 52 the only program im using is leatrix latency i logged today and a msg from xingcode came that ive been using a 3rd parrty ileagal program and i should close it sadly i think thats the end for me in this stupid game
  5. We As things going we wont have soon enough.There has to be a permanent solution to this problem
  6. At higher lvls its actually quite hard to aoe 1 small mt and it can end in dissaster.Only ppl with rly good gear can aoe at 60+
  7. I ve logged 2 times without VIP today.Its not like they are scratching their balls ignoring us.They ve tried to adress the issue and they failed they will succeed sometime.Instead of acting like a baby play another game till the servers are stable again
  8. Ffs they never sayed they fixed the login they sayed they will attempt a fix theres a difference
  9. I like ur positive view my friend.Sadly its fair to say that nc killed the hype.I cant remember before a server launch with that many problems.I learned about the classic from some friends and old clannies.Still keen to play waiting to see what happens if ur at talking server id like to grind with ya
  10. Your client will close?

    So after a whole bleeping week u couldnt fix the issue.Nice one this server will be dead in no time

    But we cant paly the game
  12. had to get from Talking island via ship ticket cuz i only had 1-1.5k at max and tp to gludin was costing 2-3 basically the game was so hardcore that became p2w i had friends who dlvled cuz they couldnt afford d items i remember buying 300-500 soulshots cuz i barely had any money and praying for a crit was playing gustin with lots of friends most of them have stopped right now ive started playing classic with one or 2 of them i believe the basic reason l2 has fallen is that nc got greedy never punished the ppl who botted or scripted cuz they was paying them also there was never an upgrade to graphics mechanics or gameplay considering 17-18 mmorgs or other games l2 graphics and gameplay are nowhere near close from after c6 patch with ketras and stuff the game was declining and with server transfers the game was officially killed every alliance could transfer to a pve server and bot till they was 86 fully geared and ncsoft never gave 1 shit about it cuz they was paying them 30 bucks per acc thats ncsoft all for the money bleep the players
  13. is anyone not been angry
  14. and it still says client will be closed to me