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  1. Server status

    i can log but lots of times it just stucks on server loading screen and u cant do anything its the same thing when server log in is down
  2. Server status

    Hows on my end care to explain
  3. Server status

    These servers have more holes than a swiss cheese
  4. Server status

    Every day it takes me approximately 15-30 mins to log my 4 accs cuz im stuck in server loading screen atm any fix for this
  5. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    Hey guys dont worry u need to buy at least 500k nc coins in order to stay online
  6. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    to all of us who lsot xp we demand rewards u bleeping useless piece of shit trash
  7. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    but dont forget to give a +16 b grade cuz u cant do ur job useless cunts
  8. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    nc soft the biggest joke in gaming history
  9. After the new patch it happens more and more for more than 3 hours im unable to log cuz im stucked in the server screen

    theres a new 20% mp recovery item than u can get from killing 700 minions in 2 catas war torn plains and some other spots theres higher mp recovery 1 new active mp regen skill and 1 new mp recovery rune that u can get form killing anakim thats should be more than enough for u to farm with vampiric or death spike
  11. hate to break it to u but there was s grade in the old retail servers they added s grade in c4 patch
  12. Items grade after update !!!

    If u bothered read the patch ud know u can update ur oed weapon to higher
  13. L2 has improved

    I know some of u virgins will find 1 million reasons to complain but servers for at least the past month has been improved also the 15 yo event was a big fu to the adena sellers this shows mods might actually care about their customers
  14. Food for thought

    U forgot the 1 price that dropped the adena seller rmt price this event has been super dope one of the best they ve had stop the whining
  15. Mass dc

    Talk like the same shit wont happen Like the same shit wont happen again tomorrow