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  1. client closes at Charecter screen

    Having the same issue - each time i log back in, I'm 500+ in qeue! Been like this for the last 2hrs >.<
  2. How to check ping ?

    Only way i've found is while the game is open, go to your desktop -> Task Manager -> Performance Tab -> Open Resource Monitor (bottom left) -> Network Tab (within the Resource Monitor) -> Click the L2.bin process. In the TCP Connections you'll see Latency (MS) on the far right. Hope this helps
  3. L2 Classic VIP Package

    Before the servers went online, I thought there was a VIP Package for sale that you could buy? I searched for it and it takes me to a L2 Classic page - Down due to maintenance. All I can find is where you can buy individual items to gain VIP but i thought for sure there was a 30day sub or package I could of bought? Tks