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  1. The client will be closed. Continue?

    I have the same problem yesterday after I logged out, how to solve it?
  2. Login Queue

    Not even an account is a thing to call, but it's time to play for 1 to 2 hours, and I only for a while just trying to log in.
  3. 1k players in queue to no results

    Tá foda ... não consigo logar ... e já tenho 2h tentando
  4. Disconnect in login

    It's impossible to log in ... it's complicated for an official server to stay that way ..
  5. .expoff does not work?

    I've tried it anyway and it does not work.
  6. Because .expoff does not work, I believe it is a punctual item and great to activate.
  7. Alguém consegue editar esse arquivo para colocar linhas de danos e outros comandos coloridos ? Can anyone edit this file to place damage lines and other colored commands?